Assistance or Help

"Help" is often a big button with many people. They react negatively to any
offered "help". There are a couple reasons for this I can think of.

In the past they have accepted "help" only to find out the "kind offer" was a lie
and they ended up being betrayed.

The other is the concept of being a "rugged individual", never needing help,
with their chest puffed out!

There is not a person on this planet that got to where they are without help
from others. Not a single one!

Know me by
my actions... not by your past :-)

I routinely offer to assist people. I even have it set up on a hot key "Let me
know if I can assist U."

"What Kind of Assistance?"

People very often ask me "What kind of assistance?"

I always reply "That depends on what you need" or something to that effect. I
can not specifically assist someone without knowing the area of life they are
having difficulty with or in.

If you're willing to communicate with me, I'm certain you can get better! I
mention this below.

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One area, in general, that I can help people with is Twitter. I have written
many pages of advice on how to grow and work Twitter. Those articles are
listed o
n my articles page.

Problem Solving Tips

I have a page that index several articles that give common sense advice on
solving problems. I have been very successful at helping others.
Click here for
to see the pages and examples!

Personal Assistance

Often people have things going on in their lives that are so heavy and
confusing, they need someone outside to help them view the situation.

No one can solve your problems for you. But someone, like me, can guide you
to look.

You must be willing to communicate and work with me. This can be done via
email, Twitter Tweets or DMs. I prefer tweeting so others might observe and

Once you see and understand your own situation, you can very likely do
something about it.

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As I outline in my article New Civilization, we need to create a huge positive
impact. If you're all tied up in immense personal situations, you're not likely to
be much help. Just the opposite, so let's bump you up!

A simple way you can help is to add the hash marked term “#AwesomeTeam“
to your tweets
. That will help.

I do appreciate your support!

Please see my article
New Civilization for more information.

In advance, thank you for helping humanity by increasing our positive impact!

Simple Action You can Do NOW!

Go to my Page that list my articles and stories, click on several or as many as
you have time to. They all have share buttons, share them on Twitter and
Facebook and more if you will.
Click here :-).

You can contact me!

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The articles all have data which will help people!

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