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First is to go to If you already have a Twitter account you
can skip this first section.

Follow the prompts: Select a user name and fill in the rest of the
requested data.

Next you will be give a change to upload your email list. I would suggest
you do if you are new to Twitter. This will get you started.

After this, you will be given a chance to follow some celebrities. Select as
many of these as you like or of course none if you choose.

Once you have followed some people, they have the ability to post
messages that will appear in your time stream. These messages are
called Tweets and are 140 characters* or less. It is very similar to using
text messaging except many people can view the messages. Anyone you
are following can post a Tweet and you can view it.

People you follow will often follow you back.

Roughly 30% will do this. Once you have some followers, your messages
will appear in their "Time Stream" or "Time Line." Not sure which it is
officially called.

The way to grow your account is to select someone whose message
contents is desirable to you. Click on their user name and see how many
followers they have. I'd select someone with several hundred. Click on
their followers and start following them.

The big trick to getting followers is to follow others!
Related article:
Following Back

It helps to have an appealing profile. Related article: Profiles.

Another way to get followers: when someone promotes people to you
(mentions your name), follow them. Usually they are active and many will
follow you back!

If you find you're following someone you don't want to, click on their
name. When you see the green follow button, click on it and it should
unfollow. (seems the color has changed, but you should get the idea:-)

If they are offensive, there is an icon that is a gear image, click on it and
pull down to block. Now they are blocked! I don't hesitate to do that. See
my article "
Who Has the Right to Insult You?"

Another point is to put some good content out in your
tweets especially if you want a large number to
continue following you.

Twitter has limits on how many followers you can select in one day.  I
really can't tell you how many that is and it appears to be arbitrary. Once
you hit 2001 that you are following, you can expect to be stopped for
some period of time from adding to the number you are following.
However, once your followers reach 1800 (I'm assuming based on my
personal experience), you will be able to follow more people.

See article

After following people, wait about 3-4 days. You should be able to see
whose following you and who isn't. Those that aren't following you,
unfollow.  (Do not be too aggressive about following and unfollowing.
"Aggressive" behavior is  grounds for suspension. "Aggressive" is not
defined by Twitter and is open to interpretation by them.)

Please refer to Twitters rules here:

You may choose to block people

Do this if they are offensive. I block people that don't post messages for
over a month. They aren't playing the game so why carry the dead.

I've created a very basic Twitter skill page for the BRAND NEW user.
Click here. is free site that can help you view who is following and not
following. You can use it to unfollow inactive people and people not
follow you back.  

If you're hitting the 2001 Barrier?

This free site, is very helpful. See TwitTip2001Barrier.

New Tweeters are always asking me to follow them back when I already
am. I've written a tip on how to see who's following you so you don't ask
someone who already is.
Click here to read!

Want more help or want me to manage your Twitter account, contact
me? Have other questions, contact me! I will tell you all I know at no cost
to you! You might want to look at my pages: Twitter Basic and Twitter

If you have questions, at me @Poet_Carl_Watts on Twitter and I'll
answer. (To see how to "@" me,
click here) It's likely others need to know
the same data so on Twitter we can share.

If you want to get your data known fast, if you have a Tweet you feel is
important, sent it with an @Poet_Carl_Watts. I will RT all of your
messages if I can. I may get behind or I may simple disagree and not be
willing to retweet. But normally, I'm there to pass on your
communications. Please don't abuse my willingness to help. It's
completely based on me wanting to help man.

After this article, go to
Twitter  Basic Tips for more data! Click here!

Follow me on Twitter at
Poet_Carl_Watts. Please follow @MaryHWatts
as a back up to my account!

How I use Twitter & Why

"Tweet Adder*" most recommended software! Carl (I've been using
almost five years. It is a great labor saver! Tweets for me while I sleep or
when I'm away from home! Helps me unfollows those that don't follow me
back, have unfollowed me and more!
"Tweet Adder"!

* URL Shortening.

If you are preparing your tweets in advance, you may want to set up a
shortening service that will take your URL and shrink it down. This allows
you to get more text in the message.

I recommend
is.dg. Very fast. You simply drag their logo to your book
mark bar. When you're on a bage, click and it will shorten it. Or
ly. On Owly you can enter your URL and the Captcha or login with
Twitter. I recommend logging in. Once logged in, you enter URL and hit
"Shrink It" or hit enter on you keyboard and you get a shortened URL!
You can also put their logo on your book mark bar.
"Tweet Adder" will
automatically shorten your urls.

Man survives best when man is helping man survive! A person is only as
valuable as he helps or assist others! Need some help in life without
being told what to do, what to think,
contact me.

Have a great day!


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*The use of a hashmark "#" in front of a word is tracking method. It is
used to establish trends and allows a subject to be located easier. Don't
over use #s. "A hashtag is similar to other web tags- it helps add tweets
to a category" per Twitter. See full data:

Key to all this is an internet not controlled by government or a few
corporations. Support
Electronic Frontier Foundation

See Related articles:
Governments, Solution For
New Civilization.

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