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If you are new at Twitter, visit here first.

First is you need some software to you with your account. I recommend


I use this to keep my tweets going out automatically. They have other features.
Check them out.

A word of warning:

Watch that you aren't posting duplicate tweets on multiple accounts! Twitter
rules on multiple accounts seem to be contradict themselves so watch ANY
duplicate Postings! Please refer to Twitters rules here:

I recently found thanks to one of my great followers, Bevan Bird @birdify whom
I recommend you follow, located for me a program that allows you to pull up all
that you are following, review them and unfollow if you like! That is
com. With this software program, free by the way, I was able to unfollow about
1200 that I have followed in the past that didn't reciprocate, didn't follow me
back. Some were there for 7 months and were totally inactive!

Twitter has stiffened up the rules and may not work the same way.
I haven't tried it lately but I will in the near future.

I can tell you the free version doesn't work if you have 60,000 accounts or

Next is the action of RT'ing (retweeting=the resending of
someone else's message out to your followers).

Twitter is a community and there are great friend there to be made.

"Each RT is more valuable that the last. RT please! #Quote #AwesomeTeam"
Carl Watts
. The power of the internet is the spreading of information. Each RT
spreads information, knowledge, further and further and potentially can circle
the globe and change mankind. This is done by a simple RT by you, helping
mankind. In advance, thanks for helping!*

Follow those they recommend. Retweet their recommendation. People will
follow you back.  In viewing my time stream, I pick out tweets I like and RT
them. I do this at random if the tweet is acceptable. I never retweet ugly tweets
or offensive tweets as I want the world to get brighter not darker. You might
find this short blurp interesting "
Two Wolves."

Twitter Jail

To avoid Twitter jail, keep your tweets less that 41 per 30 min period. Your
allow 1000 per day broken down into 30min sections :-) If you find your over
your limit, keep checking. It maybe for 2 minutes or 2 hours is about the
longest it's happened to me.

I haven't had this happen in a long time so the rules may have changed or I just
have enough accounts the limits vary.

If you get the message "something is wrong," try refreshing your page. That
sometimes helps.

If you get someone offensive, block them. Don't let them make your world less
bright. If
they are spamming report them too. You are probably only one of many they
are offending!

Back to those that don't follow you back. (I wrote an article on this "

I found there were a number of Tweeters that I was following that had failed to
follow me back even though I was RT'ing their tweets and basically
recommending them. Using I was able to locate this handful.
Once I knew who they were, I sent them a message by @ing them.
(@Poet_Carl_Watts tweets appear on my mention time line
and are viewable by all your followers. I pay attention to these messages.)
Almost all that mention me, I try to immediately followed me back.

There is another service you should know about. Sometimes you really want
to post more than 140 characters and no matter how you shorten it, it's too
Twitlonger ( is a service that is free. You can
go there and do a longer posting. I just posted an email that was 1800
characters. The draw back is only part of your tweet is visible unless they
follow the link. If you create a mystery, something for them to be curious
about, they will follow the link!

When you use them, if you place @Poet_Carl_Watts in the beyond 140
character space, it doesn't go through. Same with hash marks. @me's and
hash marks must be in the first 120 or so characters to show and be effective.
Great service though and is free!

Unfriendly Characters

A few times, I've had some snide comments made to me via Twitter. I handle
these by finding something good about the person, or a positive way I can
respond. Rather than taking offense and creating an upset by lashing back, I
usually create a friend. You should try this.

I block rude and offensive people wouldn't drop the covert or overt attacks.

I block all porn and promotions of drugs as these Tweeters are connected on
some level to criminals and I don't want that on my comm lines.

You can sign up for SocialOomph at no cost and set it up to have a direct
message (DM) sent to each new person that follows you. This is good. Be sure
your message ask about them, benefits them, not all about you. If you sign up
with them, I suggest you also sign up with them as an affiliate, still no cost.
This way if someone you refer does become a paying professional, you make
money monthly.

In using Twitter in a big way, SocialOomph create a huge advantage and
save you tons of labor! I consider them extremely valuable! Click on these links
to take you to my affiliate pages! If you do purchase either of these, I
recommend you sign up as an affiliate. That way, you can make commission to
if you promote and someone signs up.

Again, as the rules have changed SocialOomph may not preform the same way
but you can check it out.

I can tell you, I purchased form someone's promotion and they made money!
So should you!

By the way, do take some time and read Twitter's rules and policies. They
suspend without warning or explanation.

Please refer to Twitters rules here:

See my article
Suspended! How what?

If you want to get your data known fast, if you have a Tweet you feel is
important, sent it with an @Poet_Carl_Watts. I will ReTweet all of your
messages if I can. I may get behind or I may simple disagree and not be willing
to retweet. But normally, I'm there to pass on your communications. Please
don't abuse my willingness to help. It's completely based on me wanting to help

If you like be to put your site URL in front of thousands potential viewers or
have me grow a following for you or manage posting to your existing social
networks (MySpace, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc)
contact me!

Follow me on Twitter at
Poet_Carl_Watts. Please follow @MaryHWatts as a
back up to my account!

If you have found this helpful, don't be shy, hit the donate button.

How I use Twitter & Why

Man survives best when man is helping man survive! A person is only as
valuable as he helps or assist others! Need some help in life without being told
what to do, what to think,
contact me. Have a great day! Carl

*The use of a hashmark "#" in front of a word is tracking method. It is used to
establish trends and allows a subject to
be located easier. Don't over use #s. "A hashtag is similar to other web tags- it
helps add tweets to a category" per Twitter. See full data:

Key to all this is an internet not controlled by government or a few corporations.
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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