I am.
The body is. The body, I am not.
The mind is a collection of pictures. The mind, I am not.

The physical universe is. The universe, I am not.
I am not part of the universe.
The physical universe is a play ground I use.

Life lives on Earth and other planets.
Life uses Earth and other planets.

I am life.
I am not all life as there would be no game.
There are others. I say so.

I am my own universe, gets lonely playing by oneself.
Others were needed to see my creations.
Creating effects means effects can be created on me.

So the decline begins. Desire of creation of effect
You are not alone. You can create effects too.
You are your own universe. You are life.

Together we are.

You know. You have a right to know,
You have a right to live,
You have a right to your own sanity.

Together we are strong.

Life is a game.
Play it not seriously.

Death is but an illusion.
Bodies perish but you never will.

Death is a loss to humans. Bodies are gone.
Can not communicate any longer.
Or so many think.

The comfort of the person is gone.
For the being, a new game is started.
A new life is begun.

Talk to new babies like they are adults.
They will like you more.
All babies like me.
I know what they are.

Sometimes I know who they are.
Now they are a new baby.
No longer Mr or Mrs...

So do not fret over what's going on today
Same thing was going on before
Earth maybe come hell, it was for Atlantis.

You will survive.
You can not do anything else.

You're immortal like it or not.
It's easy to forget last life
It was a failure right, you died!

The people ruining our planet can be stopped.
It depends on you, on me.
Together we are strong.

You can be free.
Just continue to follow me.
I'll not free you, no.
But you can learn to free yourself.

To the people poisoning Earth, trying to crush man
Regardless of your thought or belief,
You will be living in the hell you create
Trapped by the evil you've done and become.

You probably will never be free.
Too degraded to be more than an object
Unable to think, only able to react
We will need someone to clean up Earth
That will be you next life around.

How do I say these things? Truth.
Regardless of your thoughts or belief,
Unless you're insane
You can recognize truth.

I am just a messenger. Truth.

#AwesomeTeam Day2U! :-) #PEACE

©2011  by Carl Watts/

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