Truth and Duplication   06/18/15

Truth is unique. No matter what you are talking about or dealing with it is

Let me explain. If you talk about an apple, each apple is unique from any
other apply. There are many differences such as size, weight and color. A
basic difference between all items is that they occupy different areas of

I believe physics has a law that no two things can occupy the same space at
the same time. Hence each item is unique if only by it's position at any given
point in time.

Truth in language is similar. If you tell someone you’re 50 years old and you
are really 51, it is not the same. While it isn't a big deal, doing this creates a
resistance or drag in the flow of communication.  Both parties may have
some attention stuck on “50” as it is an alteration of 51. It is a lie.

From a philosophical point, truth is exactly what is. Any alteration of what is,
is a lie. Truth will vanish. A lie will just persist sitting there with your attention
on it for the rest of eternity.

By the way, in looking at my
Questions of the Day page, I found 38 mentions
of lies and truth. Some apply directly to this article, other do not but I've
included all of these below the video below.

Truth in Human Relationships

People that deal in truth tend to get along better with others. Would you
agree with that?

For example, what do you think about a politician that lies to you all the time?
You probably don't respect him much.

But what about more subtle, less obvious little lies?  

Can you detect a lie when it replaces the truth?

I believe you can detect a lie every time and without big machines to do it for

How to Detect the Truth

When truth is presented to you, you should be able to easily understand it.
You should be able to duplicate it. With this duplication, which is a full
understanding, your attention should be free.

When there is duplication, the original concept and the duplicate both
vanish. Physics was right. Even two truths can't occupy the same space and
time. When they do, the both vanish.

You will feel good about the conversation assuming it isn't harsh news.

An additional tip, most people will not look at you and lie at the same time.

If you want to test this, vary and or repeat your question. Almost none can lie
three times in a row, they'll generally get upset with you. If they do, they
definitely are lying.

There are some exceptions that will look at you and lie. The odds are you
will be very uncomfortable around them. They are not your friends.

How to Detect a Lie

When a lie enters into a situation or a conversation, you will find you don't
get a full understanding. Your attention will hang up on the altered points.

No matter how much they are explained, you will still feel doubts or
discomfort with the data. This is because you failed to duplicate the lie. It
was not truth.

The true parts will vanish. This is not to say you wont remember the data,
you will.

The lies will persist in your universe as you started to understand and failed
to complete what you started.

You started a project of communication and there it sits, not done. You can
probably instantly remember such projects from your past. Can you recall a
conversation with someone that's still sitting there?

I'd bet you don't like the other person much, do you?

You still have attention on the lie(s) and on the fact you failed to duplicate.

By them lying to you, they have done you harm. This sticks you in the past
and prevents your full attention from being in the present!


If you are not alert and in present time very much, you can easily miss
someone lying to you.

If your life is heavily stressed, you’re ill, tired, hungry etc, you may miss what
is happening in front of you.

As an aside, if you're "stressed" you probably have one or more dishonest
person around you frequently.

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Normally, the people I talk with are honest and tell the truth. I normally trust
everyone unless they give reason for me not to do so. Lying to me is a good
reason not to trust.

I had someone on Twitter tell me he was a chemical engineer (or something
similar). He lied.

I immediately did not believe him. There was no reason except my attention
stuck.  I went back to ask him about it and I could not find him.

Several years ago, I was interviewing a student who was having difficulty.
She was explaining the situation.

Our conversation was flowing smoothly and suddenly I stopped her. I asked
did you change the story perhaps to improve it just a little.

It was a small thing but she had inserted an alter version because it sounded
better. It didn’t really make any difference except it was not the truth.

She was a good girl and agreed not to do that again.

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Being able to spot lies and truth can improve your survival in many areas of

It can help you know who you can trust and count on and who you should

If you are really in present time, your communication can be so good, that
you’ll find you’re a lot more telepathic than you thought.

If you’re introverted, this article may not even seem real to you. (Want to
know how to extrovert? Read
How To Be Cause!)

I wish you well.


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