Towering in the sky
Looking down over me
A lone majestic tree
Growing near the sea

Some people ask why
Life on earth we share
The trees produce air
We cut them down everywhere

All under the big blue sky
Life gets along well with life
Man can’t seem to cause but strife
No good reason for man to take a life

But sometimes we forget why
We forget what keeps us alive
Life keeps us alive.
Man should help man survive.

We’re in this together
Man against the sun at noon
Man against the chill under the moon
Man always needs man’s help soon

It should be man against the weather
But when we fight each other we die
When we fight each other children cry
At the funerals, mothers have to say good bye.

We need to work together
It’s time for a change; no more of the same
We need to work together for a game.
Man needs to grow, become sane.

So ask yourself why
Why do we need to work together?
If we step up we can control things well
If we don’t stop the abuse, Earth could become a living hell.
Or worse, Earth could become a burnt out shell.

The lone tree will be dead.
We may be dead too.

So rise up man, stop the pollution of Earth,
We need to work together to protect the Earth
We need man to be friendlier to Mother Earth
We need to protect the place of man's birth.

©2009 Carl Watts
Page created 1/18/09
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