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Time of Change

As I walk across the solid ground
I wonder why it's solid all around
I realize that it’s made to be that way
Many of us agreed the universe in constant sway

The changes agreed to by all of us, point by point
Following exact time, to the smallest decimal point
It’s working, continuing the create, it all here
Should I weaken, though, the universe may disappear

Man as man has come to depend on others
Others to create the time use by his brothers
No longer in control of space nor time
Man must follow along the dictated line

But what if we disagree?
What if we choose to be free?
Well we can step off the line
If we choose to create new time

I like that, to be free
I want that for you and for me
I’ll see you in a new kingdom
A place of unlimited freedom

I’ll see you in a kingdom of mine
A kingdom with no enforced time
You’ll be safe there with me
You’ll be allowed to be totally free!

Besides, you rule
You always have ruled
It’s always been as you willed
All is created to your will!
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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