Three Young Children                                02/15/2014

I often share my thoughts on arriving at a title for an article.

I was at my favorite coffee shop, and I observed a woman about

mid-twenties to early thirties.

She was in the coffee shop buying pastries. I wondered if she would live to
see her children grow up.

The title could have been “Obese and Dying Mother of Three” or “Mother
Abandons Children” or “Mother of Three Suicides by Diet.”

Those would have been shock titles. I covered that topic in my article

Writing and Emotion.

I chose “Three Young Children” because young children are so beautiful

and awesome. These three certainly were, very cute! I'm guessing they
ranged from 4 to 8 years old.

The Obese Mom

In many cases, mothers add weight when they have babies. Personally I
view, beyond pregnancy weight, excess weight gain as very unhealthy.

It isn't eating for two. It's a matter that mom is starving.

I wrote an article that specifically deals with this:
You are Not Obese. You

The unfortunate point is unless this lady gets the truth on what is happening,
she will become more and more unhealthy.

My guess is she weighed about 250 pounds. Yet she is in the coffee shop
buying pastries and sugar drinks for self and children.

I would also guess she is already on several toxic medications for high blood
pressure, diabetes and probably headaches.

Unless she gets healthy, she's going to die leaving those children earlier

than she should.

On a different day, another lady came in, mid-thirties, about 5' 8” weighing
about 350-375 pounds. She purchased three pastries and a drink. I feel for
people that just don't know.

What to Do?

To these ladies, I would refer them to my article
Health, Attention on the
Correct Goal

A crash course on good health is given in
Chemtrails, Radiation, Fluoride...
How To Survive

There is knowledge available. You will have to search it out and be

Your medical doctor was trained by bigpharma. If he knows what he should
tell you, he's likely to withhold the data and follow “established medical
practice” so he stays out of trouble. Most likely he
just doesn't know.

Related article
Medical Doctors, Their Actions.

Feel free to contact me for references or consultation to help you get yourself

Do you have suggestions for a “How To” article? Let me know :-)

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