The Water Fall

I was showing off for a large number of beings.
Here’s what I was doing, I was about to create a reaction.
First I created the space, immense it was, with no one seeing.
I made it huge, filled it with the blackness of my own creation.

Next, I added light from no particular source, a godly infusion.
I just said, let there be light, and the scene was nicely bright.
Next I added a tall cliff; all space was filled with my illusion.
Everyone looked on in awe at what they saw in the light.

I waited until they were all satiated with the immense sight.
Then, from the top of the immense cliff, vast amounts of water did flow.
It flowed with a roar over the top, the sound did cause some fright.
The water fell a long, long way turning to mist. How it fell they did not know.

I can tell you this; you’re not getting the picture you should be!
Imagine the entire galaxy out in front you endless going to eternity.
Now take out all the stars from the view so there’s nothing to see.
Now create the water fall in the space where the galaxy used to be.
Did you get that yet? Good! Back to the story.

We all watched from a vast distance to see and hear.
At the top the water roared, at the bottom, mist covered all.
They watched the endless flow vanish as the bottom got near.
They were amazed that there was water, lots of water that did fall.
Are you getting the roar of the sounds of the water fall?”

So I told them to gather around, you too!
I started to tell them my secrets with delight.
I mocked up a place to sit, I called the stuff ground.
Here’s how you do it. You start by making space add some light,
You imagine a lot of water, add gravity, a cliff, and decide which way is down.

Then you have your audience gather near the creation, so they can see.
Here is the difficult part: you have to tell gods what are the rules.
If you don’t, they may create something different or just spit, believe me.
That’s the trouble with gods; they just don’t follow the rules.

One wanted to know how do you tell which way is down.
I answered with a laugh. On which end do you wear your crown?
He answered. I told him, the other end then, if you say it is, is down.
They all looked at me to see; yep I was wearing my crown.

I pointed and said that’s down today. You see?
Which way I going to say is down, you never know.
Tomorrow it may be the other way.
Really! You always know which way it will be.
It’s all your illusion anyway.
All created by you every second of every day forever.

©2009 Carl Watts
Page created 1/10/09 modified
1/11/09, 1/22/09
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