The Man in Bronze

There he stool high up in the night
Stretching up into the pale moon light
Gleamingly cold and ridged stood the Man in bronze
Shinning, with an inner light, stood the Man in bronze
I know very well this awesome Man in bronze

The great Man in bronze isn’t bronze at all
He is the one that came to save man from a fall

Nations still burning, a great war was just ending
Insanity urged man on, a greater danger was beginning
Atomic flame, man was setting ablaze
Man’s future looked like a horrible maze
There was no solution, no happy ending in sight
Atomic flame was threatening to put out man’s light

The Man introduced a new hope for man
He gave technology to handle all at hand
Alone he stood tall, courageous against the night
The Man in bronze stood with tremendous might

Shown the path, man on Earth was slow to awake
He urged man faster else all ends in a funeral wake

The Man in bronze was a single bright guiding light
Some men followed him through many a dark night
Over the years, lessons were learned, changes were made
The Man sharpened the technology; now into an irresistible spade
He led mankind to heights never before dreamed
Finally some realized there was hope for man it seemed

The Man in bronze felt his work was done well here
He left the tech to get the job done. But he’s still near.
You know when you have those huge wins
The Man in bronze gets them just like your twin.
You can almost see him up there with a big grin.

The war to live, that was never declared, is not won
Some of the battles are getting easier, it’s getting done.
But the job is still there.
In fact the task is everywhere.
We are all needed I swear!

The path is clear; get on it, you need to move!
Freedom is near! Get into the groove!
Apply the tech and go free!
Do it for him, do it for you and me!

©2009 Carl Watts
The Man in Bronze
Page created 1/15/09, modified 1/22/09
Recently, I went to an event which was specifically designed to motivate people to improve themselves vastly, rapidally and do it now. In
the corner was a bronze bust of the Man who formulated the technology of
Scientology. This technology, if standardly applied, allows man
to achieve states higher than man has ever known. This I can state with total certainty. This poem is dedicated to
L Ron Hubbard, The
Man in Bronze.
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