The Creating of Earth's Future

Stroll back down the track of time and you’ll find
Nothing but crystal pure air back then
The waters were fresh, Earth was our friend.

Her tremendous forests provided shelter and game
We’ve benefited from these resources by any name
Her waters provided transportation, power and fun
Mans use of nature has really only just begun.

Over the centuries, eons, she’s watched over man
She’s provided all we needed to grow and expand
She’s provided a play ground on which to stand.
She stops the sunlight so we can play and delight.
With abundance, man has prospered to greater heights.

But looking out now, the forest thinning and vanishing
Her waters turning colors no longer good for drinking or washing
Her air, the very air has begun to attack man
With eternal smog casting a shadow over the land.

Her beautiful resources squandered
Man is no longer free to wander
Her very soil, once rich, is near death
Man’s playing field has been rendered a mess.

Do we prepare a funeral for Mother Earth?
Do we prepare a funeral for man?
Barren deserts of destroyed land?
Where will we stand?

But still there is life there!
Creative sparks of freedom are in the air.
Mother Earth needs our creative help to survive with flare!
She needs our help if we want to continue breathing air.

Only by creating grandly and broadly do we stand a chance
Operating beyond space and time creating with her a new romance
The old girl hasn’t abandoned man
But man has darn near killed off the land.

As a creator, I say, stop the poisoning of our old friend
Cease creating toxins that deaden the very life within
Put no more drugs into the waters!
Pollution knows no borders.
Eliminate the weapons that are set to destroy man and Mother Earth.
Destruction that may be totally fatal crossing all borders of man and Earth.

To the song writer, I say, champion man and Mother Earth
Take us up into the your lyrics and your heart
To the sculpture, create a new dawning for Earth and man.
Use the Earth as a friend and home, our future land.
To the writer, ah but your words can spread far
To the writer, you have a chance to create even a star

To the poet, brother to all artists, create your words of wit and rhyme
For you must aligned all the arts creating effects that exceed all time.
Together we can create brilliance greater than the atomic flame
A new future greater than the ignorance of political fame
Create images so solid and real that all can see
Create illusions for all man that lead to victory!

This chance we must not miss!
Do not let Earth slip into an atomic mist!
Do not let man vanish in an abyss!

To Mother Earth, hold strong Old Girl, you are the world of man
You are the home of man; some say the birthplace of man
This I know for sure, you are in the center of the future of man
All artists align! Create new life across this land.
Mother Earth, will you be alive and helping us?
Or will we be standing on a grave of future dust?
It’s up to us.

The artist creates the future of man
The artist creates prosperity for man.
The artist creates the land.
Get busy! Create!

©2008 Carl Watts

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Copy Right 12/29/2008

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