Tear It Down!

It seems that everything is bad. People are angry. Of course, so many are
being given the shaft by the banksters.

Tear it all down seem appealing when you have nothing left.


But wait a second, are you eating? Where did the food come from? Tell me it
did not come from a supermarket or fast food place! You must have grown it
in your back yard!

The establishment keeps the supermarkets and restaurants going.


How did you get to the protest? Did you drive or take a bus? If you tear it
down, you'll be walking away. I hope your shoes are new and sturdy
because the establishment manufactures them.

Short Sighted?

Many people are working hard, trying to survive. They even care about
others. (Not many of the politicians are in this group.)

I'm trying to survive. I work hard and long to help others and myself. I work to
help my family and friends. Mankind, plants, animals and the entire universe
are important to everyone's survival!

Do you have family or friends?

Are you helping them survive?

We all get frustrated from time to time. Our frustration does not justify
destroying civilization. Our frustration, anger or apathy do not justify
destroying other lives or hopes.

By the way, the banksters, as they are insane, would like to destroy
civilization and kill as many people as possible, which would leave more for

They don't see, can't see, that destruction of civilization will remove all the
support they survive on. No more gasoline with the power grid down and
people starving if it all collapses.

Man would go back to feudal times. Slaves working the lands which the
banksters will own.

Only good point is most banksters will die during the turmoil! But since they
are insane, those that remain will continue to suppress mankind into deeper

Who's side are you on?

Do you side with the insane, kill and destroy? Because if you do, I want your
picture to post in the lobby of the post office!

It's easy to destroy. Do you recall the Los Angeles riots?

People went insane!

Yes! Those rioters were insane even if only temporarily! They burned and
trashed their neighbor's property! That is also criminal!

What did that do to survival? Nothing good. Many roisters went to jail. That
hurt them, their families, everyone!

Damaged property had to be replaced or rebuilt? That just increased a
burden on everyone!

I lived 30 miles or so from the riots. At five o'clock on a week day, Interstate
5, a main freeway in Los Angeles was almost empty and the air was filled
with smoke. The situation was not real yet it was real!


Yes, there needs to be Change!

Change linked to survival, not to some obama crap.

The Constitution needs to be protected and applied.

Recycle congress.

I'm really not interested in politics except when congress joins the Tear it all

As far as I'm concerned, democrats or republicans (notice small letters) have
betrayed America! There are a few exceptions.

I believe the governments of America and many countries are controlled by
the banksters! Civilization is in trouble! See related article
Conflicts on Earth!

So we need change. That change can be brought about, read
Solutions For!

©2012  by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com  073012
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts http://www.carlwattsartist.com/updates.html  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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