Teacher                                                                     08/14/13

Some time ago, I looked at what would be a good title for me.

I looked at what I did at the time. What I was doing was handling the problems
for a private school.

I did this by getting people to look at the situations and see the truth.

I looked at several dictionary definitions for “teacher”. They were all wrong.

Teaching isn't about imparting knowledge, implanting it into someone's mind!

Teaching is about getting people to know things by seeing things for

Anything else is the creation of mental slaves. In America, it's call dumbing
down students!

It has never been my task nor desire to pound my data into someone else'

That produces robots! That is what the military seeks to do, produce
unthinking, unknowing robots, that follow orders. Institutional education is
preparatory for prison!

How to Get People to LOOK?

That's a good question.

Most people are so busy “thinking” that they can not look! Related article
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Are drivers going down the road thinking or looking at what's happening?
Based on the number of accidents, they are thinking, not looking!

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My Experience

As “teacher”, my task was not to tell people how it is or what to think. My task
was to get them to look.

How could I do this? I asked them questions! By asking questions, I could
break them out of the ruts they had dug themselves into.

After raising five most awesome children, I can tell you with total certainty,
telling people what to do or think is an utter failure.

Hitler ran into this. All tyrannical governments run into this and none have ever

Asking people questions, providing them with some information to think with
perhaps, together is a very successful action.

I am Teacher.

So I decided that I was and am
"Teacher."  “THE Teacher” is most
appropriate but I don't wish to assume or offend. By the way, I don't need
approval or agreement to know what I know. You don't either :-)

But also, don't expect me to solve your problems, expect me to lead you to
solve them yourself.

They are after all, only problems to you and others that consider them
problems. They certainly are not my problems.

As I say on Twitter, #Everything_Will_B_Alright!

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