Tall Ladies

What is it about tall ladies? First thing is they are beautiful!

But many are conscious of their height and stoop down, wear flat shoes and
keep their hair profile low.


On the other side of the scale, many short ladies wear high heels and push
their hair up. They try to “stand” taller but it seems to be difficult stretching
one's body up without any leverage. Yet they are beautiful just as they are!

I was recently in an entertainment atmosphere. There was a singer, a
beautiful young lady from Italy on stage.

She was at least five foot, eleven inches. With the high heals she was
wearing, she was about
five inches taller. At over six feet, she was taller than I

And let me say without a doubt, she was awesomely beautiful. Her personality
was brilliant. She was shinning form the inside!

She was proud and stood tall. The high heels and elegant dress accentuated
these facts.

I've observed many women (I'm a man and that's what we do) and this lady
was gorgeous!


It seems to me that height or lack of it is not a problem except for the person
themselves. It is their consideration they are “too” tall or “too” short! Of course
if you're too tall, you bump your head. If you too short, you need a stool to
reach things.

But neither too short nor too tall needs to have any effect on your beauty or
your pride in yourself.

If you think you're too short or too tall, take a look at that thought! Where did it
come from? Who in your past said that you were too......? Did they say it many
times? Or maybe it only happened once? Were there a number of people that
made fun of you or degraded you?

I've observed that people treat themselves the same way others treated them.

They also then treat others the same way they were treated.

Somewhere, the practice of making negative statement, critical remarks, and
other damaging insulting things needs to stop!

So how are you treating yourself? How are you treating others?

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After you look that over carefully, I recommend that you stand tall regardless
of your height. Dress for your comfort and beauty. Radiate your beauty
because you are beautiful if you think you are. Your beauty is your creation of
your own beingness. Be beautiful and you will be.

People will see your beauty if you put it there to be seen. Clothes, shoes,
accessories, all can help. But none will cancel or cover you if you are negative
about yourself.

If this article helps you in some way, I would love to hear from you!

A Tip on "Standing Tall" from author Emily Frankel

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