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The Aesthetic View

I have an advantage viewing from the top
From up here, seems far away, but it's not

I observe beauty and grace all over the place

But same as a child,

my drawings are not always clear,

They get done but can’t bear the light of the sun.

I take the beauty and try to put it down
My “friends” think I’m only a clown

I understand there’s beauty in their cries
I feel for them,

hey’re dying before my eyes
They don’t know what I see when I’m around.

My rhyme is not right, an image drawn in the night
They say “tell it right and bring it to the light”

Who cares what I know or what I see
Somewhere I see; an image of me, I care

Not only do I care, I dare to make images in the dark.

There is beauty everywhere; a beautiful rage
A tiger in a cage, clumsy children acting on a stage

Mountains and clouds, girls and trees;

No end to the beauty I see.

But it's not in style,
no grace nor poise,
they say, "mere noise"

It’s alright, I understand the boys.

What a beautiful confusion!
Their confidence, could it be, just a fleeting illusion?

So I’ll stumble along, learning my paces

Sharpen my crayon and clean my paint vases

I don’t want to smudge or smear the beauty of their faces

What a grand place to be.

Knowing beauty in what I see

I know all will be well,

my critics won’t be allowed in hell.

Someday, who knows when, who can tell?
Someday, I bet my poems will even sell!

©2009 Carl Watts

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