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I've recently seen several posting on Twitter which were definitely of an
inflammatory nature.

Personally I don't like people that promote that other groups of people are

I don't like it when other groups of people are singled out as the problem or
the source of the problem.

When you say “they”, you are assigning cause to them. And at the same time,
you lessen your power and increase theirs.

It is a compete denial of responsibility when people are pointing their finger at


To deny responsibility, is to deny knowledge and control. That leaves things
up to others to handle, mishandle, for you.

Who will take care of your difficulties in life better than you? No one!

Asking or expecting the government to do anything is you making the
government cause, giving all control to the government. So far, giving control
to the government has resulted in TSA, Homeland security which is "big

If there are bad things happening, they do have something to do with you.
You do have a responsibility and blaming others is a solution that never works!

By pointing at THEY, you assign them cause!

What we should do is consider how we can tackle that situation. What could
we do that is positive to improve the situation?

Perhaps by doing some research beyond the news media, beyond the
inflammatory postings, we'd gain a better understanding.

People that spread only bad news have agendas. They have agendas and
usually they are hiding them.

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News Media

Just look at the newspapers, what are they trying to do? Of course they want
to sell newspapers but the method they are employing is to push FEAR and

The newspapers and new media make profit by stirring up trouble between
groups.  War sells print and air time!

They want it to seem so bad "over there" that no one can confront it or take
any causative position on stressful situations.

Their intention is to create fear and chaos!

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What is the Purpose?

When I see someone posting several message in a row that makes very
derogatory statements about a group, I have to ask myself, what is their

Since I see no aesthetics or useful information, I have to assume their
purpose is less than survival!

It looks like they are trying to stir up hate against someone and to incite
violence! The media loves them for this.

I will not support that type of activity. If it continues too long, I cut the
communication line from that person.

There are enough fires in our society that I do not need to listen to someone
throwing gasoline on the open flames!

Again THEY!

Who are “they”?

They are men, women, and children that are trying to survive just like I am
and I assume like you are!

Perhaps their customs are different, their diet, their clothes, their religion, their
government BUT none of these make them not human.

Their education is different and therefore they may see thing different but I bet
they still like good music. They admire the flowers and colorful sunsets!

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Taking Sides

If we were invaded from space, the vast majority of humanity would join
together to form a common defense.

Only the insane would betray mankind. The international banksters,
bigpharma, GMOs producers (all the same people) probably would continue
to betray mankind thinking they'd profit more. See related article
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But should mankind not prevail, after the victory, the traitors would be
executed as the invaders would know they could never be trusted! And so it
has been after every invasion here on Earth, use the traitors until victory, then
execute them.

Personally I'm on the side of humanity. That does not mean all is right.

While I'm an American, I am not anti any other group of people.

Death of mankind is death of all the families, you and me!

Mankind, humanity will survive only as well as each
individual person and family survives!


I've looked. I've talked with people from all areas of the planet.

People are actually pretty decent once you get into communication with them.

I bet not one of the people reading this would personally like to see me
harmed. And the same is true for me, I don't want to see you harmed
regardless of our or your criminal governments.

Until you personally prove to me your a truly bad person, I assume you are a
good person. I recognize that there are different degrees or gradients of
goodness and badness. I've met a handful people in my 64 years where I felt
their insanity out weighed their goodness. Pretty good percentages for the
good guys, you and me!

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I've written several articles about increasing communication. When people get
into communication, they become friends. Friends don't talk badly about each
other nor do they kill each other (assuming they are not insane). See related
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