I wrote this thinking about the name of a beautiful woman.

A woman I have never met and probably never will. But we chat...


Today is a very important day!

Events are taking place

Events that will alter our future

Alter forever in a good or bad way

our course in eternity

dictated by the actions/inactions

Dictated by our actions.

In front of us is Eternity.

Eternity! Religious belief

will bring relief?

Immortal spirits

You are here

you will be here

Each time you wake!

Life is busy, we seem to need to survive...

Forms perish, we think we do too

d of death, we toil and strive

Some sit with problems pressed against face

No future beyond the immediate.

Any solution to get them out of this place!

Without regard for the future.

A quick buck for some hidden sin

may cost more than imagined.

Sin, never forgotten. the future

Now caved in.

What choice does have mortal man?

The answer can't be imagined

Thoroughly wrapped in chains

Mortal man must look beyond problems at hand.

Immortal, he must know

tal, he's more than a body,

Expand as a being

Expand beyond the immediate land.

Go ahead, do it,

Be bigger than your body

Let the chains go, drop them

Be bigger than mortal man.

Light up the land

Light bright with your smile.

get so big

you think you will go supernova

You wont!

Once you're beyond all

beyond the
last dying supernova

all that is left is you.

Just immortal you.

Bigger than that supernova you are!

Your smile, your shine will never perish

Smile :-)

To continue to associate with mortal man,

you shrink down, make less of yourself,

you pick back up your chains!

How would you be bigger than a supernova

while chatting with a mortal man?

Easy :-) Try it. Just don't tell them.

Drop the shadow chains and

Smile :-)

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©2014 Carl Watts www.carlwattsartist.com 060914
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