I don't personally own a pair of sunglasses. Interesting its called a pair!

My prescription glasses do darken slightly in the sun.


I've observed a man who comes into the local coffee shop. He always
stands with his back to a support column and looks at the people present.

It feels like he is looking for a target. It feels like he distrusts everyone.

From that, I take it, he distrust himself.

I could understand wearing sunglasses on a very hot bright day, if he
were to come in. But EVERY day, no. Something strange about this guy,
not friendly.


What is apparent to me is this man is in fear.

Strong confident people would not need to hide behind sunglasses!

What do you think?

Do you always wear your shades inside? What are your thoughts on that?

My next article will be on the elites. They "
all wear sunglasses even at
." They are all afraid.

not afraid.

Immortality vs Sunglasses

Which would be better? Hiding behind sunglasses or knowing you are

Who says you are not immortal? Does your body say this? I'm not talking
about bodies.

I'm talking about YOU!

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Immortality, Everything Will be Alright.

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