Summer Day

I was outside recently and the sky was clear and very blue.

I thought to myself, what is a summer day.

Part of it was the temperature. It was in the 80s and I was in the

Is it the beach with the wave and the sea breeze? Does that make a
summer day for you?

Or would it be the river or lake? It always seemed too hot at the river
or the lake and rarely any shade!

Would a hike into the mountains or just off road where you're closer to
nature be a summer day for you?

How about just wa
lking with someone you care about?

My Idea of a Summer Day

It is a day where life is fairly calm and comfortable. The right
temperature, a little breeze with a clear sky and being with someone
I'm fond of. That would be a pretty good day!

It would be a time when I was focusing on the present environment as
it is.

I would not have attention on the problems of the world at that time.
Worrying about over there has never cured any problems. So I rarely
worry about things I can't fix or even see.

Bad Days

I rarely have a bad day.

If its too hot, I sweat and continue working if I'm working. I make the

If its too cold, I dress for the temperature and keep working or doing
what needs to be done. I make the call.

I do not mind physical labor. My body will complain, but I keep going. I
make the call.

Right now, I'm writing. My hope is to get you to think and read on :-)

At the End of The Day

Whatever I was working on that day, digging a hole or writing an
article or just acknowledging people on Twitter, it was a good day!
With my work on Twitter, I never have an idle day.

I'm happy that I can stay productive one way or another. Even taking
a nap can be productive. It can help my body work harder later!

When my day is over, I know I've done well and helped as many
people as I could.

How about you and your days? What about the future, how will that

©2012  by Carl Watts/  091812
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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