Stress Re-Defined

When you look up stress in the dictionary it will say something like strain,
pressure, or tension or having those factors.

That is a descriptive definition. Perhaps another dictionary some where tells
you what it is rather that what it is like!

In today's society, you will often hear people saying they are under a lot of
stress. According to the dictionary, that means they're under strain, pressure
or tension.

Probably if you looked up those last three terms, they would define them as
stress. Yes, all four words are defined as being the same as the others in part
of their definitions.

So I'm going to volunteer and give stress a new definition that you can do
something with.

Two Other Words

But first I need to define two other words for you.

Cause: the source point of something. I am being cause by writing this. I am
the source of an outflow of something.

Effect: the receipt point which you're being by receiving my communication. It
is the point that is receiving something.

In communication, we talk back and forth. Each time we do this, we change
from cause to effect back to cause and so on.

Definition of Stress

Stress is defined as being the effect of some cause that you do not agree to
be the effect of.

For example, someone shoots a gun at you. He's cause.

The bullet strikes you. You're effect. You're likely to be so much effect it kills
you. At least, you'd probably be stressed!

In life someone is making less of you, invalidating you. They're being cause.
You're being effect. You have stress.

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But you can cut the invalidations off  by simply not communicating with this
person or handling them so they cease to invalidate you!

I don't recommend you try to invalidate them and thus become cause because
doing harmful actions will set you up to receive more of the same. See related
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Another example, you like a girl (or a guy). You start to talk to her. You're
being cause. If you never stop and listen, never allow her to be cause, you're
not going to do well with her!

This ties into following back. If you don't follow back, you're insisting on only
being cause and that you're followers only be effect of you.

You can do this some. I don't recommend it.

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Okay, another example, money.

Many people are effect of money, rather the lack of it. To live society
demands you have money. Society is being cause.

If you can't pay, you're being effect. The greater you can't pay the greater you
are effect. When you give money for something, you are being cause. The
merchant or whomever is being effect. It goes back and forth.

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Government and Cause and Effect

As I mentioned above, when you communicate, you are cause. When the
government communicate, passes a law, announces this or that, they are

Unless you reply, you are effect and REMAIN AT EFFECT OF THE

I don't know about you, but I like to run my own life.

I recommend you communicate with government or any business or group that
is doing or saying things that put you at effect. By you sending them a
communication, you move to cause. How to do that is explained in
Governments, Solution For!

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Your Health.

You've got a body, most of us do. You want to use it to do things and bring
you pleasure and survival.

If something starts going wrong, you can become the effect of your body.

I don't know anyone that doesn't have nutritional deficiencies and or
accumulation of toxins.

This can be improved immencely!

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