Steel is a friendly metal
It is hard, enduring and strong
You can make into a kettle
You can build it into a gong

With intense heat applied, it shines like a light
Metal to metal it will ring out with a song
Polished and rubbed hard, steel glows bright
Run into it with your shin, it will make you wrong.

I feel affinity for metals like iron and steel
I use it for strength, it creates as I will
You know its steel, steel is the real deal
Aesthetics I create with cold hard steel

So weld it or cut it with a saw
Steel is a spectacular metal for man
You can use it off the shelf raw
That awesome steel from the land

Steel doesn’t like to be used to kill
Bomb and tanks are a waste of steel
Better make tools for use with skill
Better for man, the land to till.

One day steel will rise
The government will be amazed
Steel will sag before their eyes
The military will no longer blaze

The killing will stop. Steel has dropped back into the land
No longer is it holding the machines of war above the drink*
Steel is now conscious, worried about the fate of Man
Steel has started to dream, feel and even to think

Steel no longer has affinity
Steel’s ridgedness and strength is forever gone
Now steel breaks and bends nearly to infinity
Steel is ringing a different song, man was wrong

It's giving a chance to man
Bring peace across the land
Else all the metals will rise up against man
Metal against man will return man to the land.

Steel is my cold hard friend
I use it with loving fire
To my will, it does stand or bend.
Our survival is my desire.

Watch out for the metals banding
Circles on fingers covered with bands.
Metals rising up, marching, demanding
Drop your weapon, put down your hands

Metals are running the show
Your days of fighting are done
Civilization mustn’t blow
Go to the poet, he’s the one.

He’s started a new show
All metals are his friend
Your survival he knows
New beginning, not the end

*"the drink"- a large body of water
©2009 Carl Watts
Page created 1/10/09
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