Dad's Famous Spaghetti Recipe


Spaghetti Squash or organic noodles (wheat is not healthy)
Organic Tomato paste, puree, sauce or diced tomatoes. For the
whole family 3 cans each. Stop before pot is over full
Olives 3-4 cans. Dump out water in all but one can. Add one
can with the water
Organic hamburger from Costco or Trader Joes 2-3 pounds :-)
Organic Bell pepper I'd use one or two
Organic head of celery-must be organic
Onions 2-3 large one, more if you like
mushrooms 24 oz or so
, pepper, a little chili power, Cheyenne if you like
Italian Seasoning
garlic Fresh garlic if you like several cloves squeezed


Start the Spaghetti squash very first thing.

Start with the hamburger adding spices as soon as possible

Then celery and bell pepper

Add one can of olives with i
t's liquid

Add onions
and garlic

Add remaining olives less the

Add tomato sauce/diced tomatoes

Last, add and stir in the tomato paste :-)

by the time you get all this done, dinner should about be ready.

Don't cook sauce too fast unless your continually stirring.
Tomato products burn/stick pretty fast.

Don't drain off the hamburger grease! It gives flavor.

The left over spaghetti sauce is great over eggs, almost
anything you'd like to add to.




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