Space and Aliveness

How alive are you?

Worried or Afraid?

Do you live inside a closed off shell?

Are you always being hammered by outside forces, other people?

I spoke to a follower who protected their tweets. I believe it was a lady.
When I questioned her about it, she replied she was hiding...

Do you hide behind cheap (or expensive) sunglasses, protected Twitter

When you're walking down the street and you notice someone is looking at
you, do you look in the windows to see who it is or rigidly look ahead?

More Alive Emotionally

Do you notice someone looking at you and you turn seeking targets? Or do
you just ignore the attention you have drawn?

Some people turn and smile. Of course as I'm a male, I notice women.

I do pay attention to their responses. I'd much rather be smiled at than shot

You might enjoy “

I've included a group of
questions below the video you might enjoy!

Space versus Aliveness

How alive is the recluse, hermit, who never sees or talks to anyone?

Compare to the infant being strolled down the sidewalk by a cheerful mom.
The kid will talk to everyone that isn't scary!

So how alive are you? How much space to you command?

Do you shuffle down the way, looking at the ground? Or is your attention out

Do you see the people far ahead? Do you often find stopped vehicles in your
lane suddenly? How about on the other side of the street?

These are just indicators of how much you have withdrawn from space and
life or how much you have expanded out!

Basically, you are as alive as you are in communication with your
environment and the people around you!


Have you ever had a drink or done something else to alter your awareness?
If so you may have experienced your world  seem to “open up”!

This effect quickly reverses and soon your world is very small and often
very uncomfortable. Some people have found their world the size of a toilet

It may be obvious but drugs never can make you more alive. They can rob
your body of reserves and force a momentary seemingly increase
awareness. Enough experiences with
drugs, which are all toxic, will lower
your survival and can kill you fast.

I haven't had drug experiences and alcohol has never made me more alive. It
has certainly caused me difficulties when I “enjoyed myself”.

How Can You Expand Your Space

It is simple. I should give this a very big build up with fireworks and music!
You should have to drop a quarter on the donate button. Its good for body
and you.

Without further ado or stalling, GO FOR A WALK.

Even in bad weather, it is a good idea. So what if you get wet or a bit cold
(though you frigid climate people, be sure to keep moving so you don't
freeze in place!) The longer walk is, the better it is! Again, I warn you, if you
have physical problem, temper your walks with good judgment.

As difficult as it is to think with at times, it is true, you are responsible for you
actions and conditions in life.

When you walk look around. Keep looking. And if you want to get real alive,
say hello to strangers. Most of the responses you get will be rewarding.

If you get someone snarling, they are dying and your aliveness slows their
progress. Sometimes they don't want to be slowed!

Crowded Spaces

I wrote an entire article by that title. If you can seem to pull yourself up and
out, you might want to read
Crowded Spaces.

Space is important. It is closest, most similar to you. You certainly are not
matter, energy or time!

Speaking of Other People

So people do not want you more alive and will work constantly to keep you
oppressed and held down. They think if you are introverted you are less
dangerous and easier to control. That happens to be wrong.

I have several related articles:
Who has The RIGHT to INSULT YOU?

In Closing

Communicate with your family. Call or text your friends even people you see
often. My wife really enjoys our daily message texting.

Life is grand only if you are busy living and enjoying it. You can't do that

Every thing will be okay!

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like
expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as
I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site by going

GodFather Advice"
"Listen and Guide, Someone to."

©2014 Carl Watts

When you're in a room, does that limit your space?
Where can you be that there is beauty and space?
What would be a gradient approach to handling space, move objects?
Does space time energy exist only if you consider it does?
What is your reference point in space and time?
How much space do you have can you make it larger or smaller?
Does pleasure come from the ability to locate things in time and space?
What happens when you can not impose time and space?
How well do ill people handle matter space energy time, how about you?
What imposes time and space on you?
Can you take a piece of matter and inject space into it, what would happen?  
What if laws of physical universe applied to matter, energy, space and time, but not to
What is the definition of space excluding the rat cage use of time and energy?
If you undid space, what would happen to any matter in it?
If you created some space, could you put something inside it?
Is thought a motion in space and time?
How do space, time, energy relate to start, change, stop?
How do Space, Time, Energy relate to be, have, do?
Have people forgotten how to create time and space?
Does this universe occupy all space and time?
Is space beingness?
Can you easily be without space?
Do you know how to causatively create space?
Do you use the space your have, fill it?
Are there spaces where you dare not be (jail)?
Are there spaces around your head you dare not be?
If you find yourself out side a body, do you have more space and time?
Is it more difficult to remember in crowded city?
What hold space and time together?
How much space does life take up?
To create space, do you need to know what it is, definition?
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