Social Networking:
What Not to Do and What to Do

Let me define some terms.

Social means friendly companionship or relations, someone who enjoys
being with others, has to do with people. Twitter is a social group. Facebook
is a social group. Linkedin tends to be a formal social group. Its roots mean

Networking means "interact with other people to exchange information
and develop contacts, especially to further one's career"
Google definition.

Social Networking

I spotted a "friend" on Twitter. At least I thought his was a friend though I
know him only via his wife. We were fellow students.

So as a friend, I started to mention his name to help him expand and gain
more followers.

He is a business man and promotes his service. His is an expert in his field.
However, as of this writing, he has a total of 24 followers.

No matter how well done his tweets are, he is not making much impact.

So I attempted to help in the spirit of Social Networking.

His Response to my Help: What NOT to Do

This message was sent to me via Linkedin:
    “Please. It's impolite to jump into someone's conversation where you're
    not invited, even in a social media setting. I have very specific uses for
    Twitter. They are professional, not personal, so when you add my
    twitter handle to your tweets you're a) a distraction, and b) subverting
    the whole reason why there's a "follow" button.

    “Sorry to be a little distempered over this, but with my current workload
    I can't afford distractions on my comm lines.”

On the same day, this was tweeted to me:
    I didn't ask you to, and it's even worse if people favorite
    or retweet them.

Both his communications stated I was wrong.  He even noted his was
“distempered”. I also have no idea what "subverting reason why there's a
follow button" means! Anyone have any guesses?

Notice the all CAPS! That is shouting at someone in writing. He knows this

I question why he put his “distemper” in written shouting communications to

My Response:

    I apologize for being a distraction. I see my effort were in error. I humbly

I didn't make him wrong for being rude. I didn't attack back.

His Response:

Even as he thanked me, he further made me wrong!

I simply ceased to follow him on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. I no longer
consider him a friend.

His statements were
hostile insults!

A Possible Correct Reaction.

    Hi Carl, thanks for the shoutouts. However, I'm working a specific plan
    of action and wish to grow my Twitter account according to my plan.
    Can you not include me?

    Thanks again...

I would have replied:
    Oops or Sorry, I understand. No more shoutouts. Let me know if I can
    assist you!  #EverythinWill_B_OK! #AwesomeTeam♥#Odycy☮:-)

Social Networks

A social network should fit the definitions of 'social' and 'network' as given

Rude remarks, insulting, mocking activity should not happen. It isn't like
someone is standing in front of you and you have to react.

Here, you have to pay attention, read their tweets and then type up a
response. The only people that have to be rude are the
trolls, shills and the

Self Control

If you feel the urge to attack someone because of their words or actions on a
social network, I'd like to suggest you first ask yourself two

Assuming you're sane enough to pause for even a moment, ask yourself if
what has been said will make any difference in a hundred years, ten years,
or even tomorrow?

Has what's been said harmed or harming you, your family or friends right

After those two questions, I suggest you write out your response, set it aside
and come back in a few hours and read what you wrote. Do you want to
send that for everyone on Twitter to read?

What kind of effect do you want to create? Realize your written response will
impact many potential readers. It will certainly impact what they think about

By the way, this applies all interpersonal relationships and to all sides in the
political games on Earth. We do share the same planet!

If you need some gentle assistance, contact me.

Helping someone spot what condition(s) and what the solutions are to handle them is exactly what
I do in life.

Improving the conditions of others is my destination and purpose in life. I have no products that
you need to buy to get better. A little true knowledge can go a long way. I also do not ask that
you believe anything!

You are worthy of help as I know you have already helped many others and life probably owes

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK!I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!”

Quoting myself :-)

Feel Free to Communicate with Me!

I am open to communication. Email me Carl @ carlwattsartist .com (remove spaces. Call me and
leave a message 818_400_2035.

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like expanded on
or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as I'm always looking for
new ideas. Contact me via this site by going

GodFather Advice"
"Listen and Guide, Someone to."
Drifting or Driving"

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