Shadows On the Wall

These are the words from a song. Sorry I don't know the name of the song. I
tried searching and it seems the words are used in many songs. So credit
goes unannounced. But if you know who first used these words, I'd be happy
to credit them.

The Story

“Shadows On the Wall”

What is the difference between illusion and reality?

Are shadows only illusions or are they also reality?

I'll advance my viewpoint on “Shadows On the Wall.”

Flash of Fear.

I observed shadows on the walls around the house. I wondered what could be
hiding or not hiding but merely there, behind the shadows?

At first glance, I felt a flash of fear!

The unknown often evokes fear. Though I have nothing to fear, still there was
a flicker of fear.

Was there something there? Or was the flash of fear from my own universe?
Or more mysterious, was the flash of fear from someone or something else?

Were they afraid of being exposed?

Where did the fear come from?

Shadows Hiding What?

I thought I'd take a closer look despite the anticipation of possible doom.

There was really emotional charge against the idea of looking into the
shadows! If you don't believe me, try it yourself.

Let me know what you feel, what you find.

If you get sucked into the shadows, contact me before you lose your ability to
do so. That probably will not happen but caution is sometimes wise.

I say damn the caution, look into the shadows.

Shadows in the Mind

People have unexamined portions of their mind. Normal people can not view
the periods of unconsciousness. Those areas, time periods, are thought to be

But are unconscious periods blank? What if those periods are there with full
recall including all the pain and impact? What if commands were implanted
during those periods of unconsciousness? Normally you would not remember
those implanted commands.

Could the shadows be hiding those moments?  Could the fear have been
implanted by someone intent on doing you harm? Could the fear be implanted
by someone intent of blocking your perceptions, your memory?

Playing with Shadows

So I looked at the shadows and at the concept of a shadow.

Perhaps the shadows are really weak points in this universe's space. If you
assume light creates space by traveling through it, where there is not light, the
space could be weakened. That is the theory being used here.


Shadows could be where another universe is pressing in. Shadows could be a
crossing point.

The darker the shadow the easier it is to cross into our universe and back into

I guarantee there is more than one universe. Anyone who manages to free
themselves from the traps they are in can create a universe. Perhaps even
you, while still pinned down, can create another universe.


Children do this all the time. They imagine.

Children are often afraid of the dark. Is their fear of the dark because they can
see what you can't see.

Their nightmares are always thought to be nothing more than a bad dream.
But what if there is more to nightmares and fears of the dark than we think?

Right now if you created another universe, how strong would you be in that

Go ahead do it.

Creating Your Own Universe

Imagine another universe. It can be in it's own space, have it's own time.

Just like in a dream which can seem to go on for hours but when you wake up
it has only been minutes.

Now feel how strong you are. Can you knock down building? If there's no
building in your universe, put one up!


It's funny, people think of ghost as haunting a location. Perhaps that location
is merely where they have learned how to come and go from their universe.

Rarely has any ghost been observed kicking tin cans around. Ghost seem to
be powerless in this universe.

Most powerful ghost I've encountered could do nothing more than give me
nightmares. It has happened more than once and always, I wake up and
command them to leave.

The ghost always leaves and I'm back to sleep with no problems.

By the way, it has always been a different ghost. This has happened three
maybe four times. All were weak but annoying by messing with my sleep!

But notice that ghost are most often reported at night when the light is least.

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Test for You.

So here's a test I ask you to do. Find a shadow and imagine a big hole in it.
Now watch it for a while and see if anything comes through.

While watching, did you feel fear? Can you tell if it was your fear or something
on the other side's fear?

I'm going to step through.

The Other Side.

When I stepped through, the first thing I noticed was the absolute blackness.  I
stood motionless as I didn't know what, if anything, was a step away. And I
wanted to be able to turn around and step out.

With no light, no sound except my heart beating like thunder, I couldn't
perceive a thing.

I have no idea how long I stood there. Seconds or hours but based on my
heart beats, I believe it was only minutes.

I wondered, does this universe ran on black energy instead of white?

I tried adjusting the frequency of my “light” perception to see “black” light.

After a bit of trial and error, I started to get images. It was certain, I was not in
my hallway or the room behind the wall.

The scene that started to become clearer and clear was a barren desert with
huge rocks.

I turned around and the hole was still there between two universes! It was
really a portal between here and there.

I cautiously took a step further in away from the portal. As I went forward, I
turned to glance at the portal and it faded as I moved away.

Instantly I stopped and moved back. The portal reappeared.

What a relief that was! But that pointed out another problem, if it closed, how
would I find this spot to come back to?

As I stood there thinking, I caught a glance of motion out of the corner of my

I'd been scared before this. Now I was really frightened!

So I looked searchingly for what had moved. I caught what looked like a
shadow of a shade of black different from the ground and rocks.

As I watched it moved again slowly coming towards me.

Now normally I have the courage of a lion but right now I turned and dove
through the portal.

I mentally shut it!


I knew had discovered an incredible phenomena! I also wondered how many
others may have made the same discovery and taken a few steps further and
never found their way back.

I wondered if the image I had seen was dangerous or curious or what?

I know I'll go back but I'll be better prepared. Some way to mark the spot, leave
a trail and perhaps a light of some type.

I also wondered if a weapon for my safety would be good. What kind of
weapon would work on an image?

But that will be another days adventure, I've got to get back to my friends,
#AwesomeTeam, on Twitter.  :-)

Questions about Reality

Space, time, energy and matter are the component parts of the universe.
Matter and energy are the same thing really.

Physics define space in terms of time and energy. Physics defines energy in
term of time and space. Physics defines time in terms of space and energy.
That like defining a cat as a feline which is a cat which is a feline. Its a squirrel
cage of circular definitions.

That means none of the components are correctly understood.

So scientific advances are far too often destructive or enslaving.

What is left out is life and our future survival!

©2012  by Carl Watts/ 03/05/12 edited 090912
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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