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It’s not fair to use “Serpent” as the title, but…
Serpents do what they do to survive, to eat
They can’t break patterns or habits, they’re snakes
Snakes, tho beautiful, are just low life reptiles
Lower forms of life, not smart, not like a man snake
Serpents attack out of reflex, being trapped, to survive.

A charming man serpent, I have him in mind
Well known, respected, charming, friend to a good man
Tho the good man isn’t doing well. The serpent is disarming.
Seemingly catering, a man with a charming smile,
An excellent vocabulary and did I say a charming smile?

A man who speaks with forked tongue, convincing
Statements of ambiguity, covertly using double meanings,
All delivered with that charming, disarming, smile
So you think he’s your friend, a friend of the artist
You let down your defenses, he’ll deliver the blows

Swiftly done, with accuracy from much practice,
Cleverly and intentionally meant to kill off artistic ability,
No good news. Just details on how it’s all so wrong
All done to help the artist, the victim, survive better,
so he says
He cuts you to the left, back to right, all for your own good
Confront him! It’s all a mistake, not meant that way,
so he says
Confront him, he’s a coward. Like all serpents he’ll run away.

You can’t tell the serpent from his dress, size or hue
His education is no clue, no clue what he’ll do to you
Know him by his actions, ignore his explanations
Ignore his smile, the smooth words and his charm.
Watch for the knife behind his back, he will attack.
He’s not your friend, he means your end.

Know him by his actions. Does he look at you like a man
Or fleetingly glance away, smiling? Are his hands cold and wet,
He could just be ill or upset. Or he could be a cold and wet serpent
How are his friends doing? Are they all cheerful and happy?
Or are they dying, ill, giving up? Know him by the effects he causes
He always says, with a smile, it’s was done to help them, as they cry

Watch for the serpent, nicely dressed; don’t let him into your life.
Don’t step on one in the forest. Serpents are dangerous, they bite
Know the man serpent by his actions, the effects around him
Know that any man can have a bad day.
Know that a serpent causes everyone to have many bad days
and in so many different ways.

I’ve seen a serpent, by mistake, I let him in. I lived to write about it.
How about you? Seen one too?

I happened to encounter a person who acted out the "Serpent" in this poem.
Actually the lesson I learned in dealing with him inspired a couple poems.
I hope you enjoy the "Serpent". After reading, check out
True to Self!

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©2009 Carl Watts
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