History: on 3/20/09 I decided to take a bit more responsibility for
man. I decided to officially launch my campaign to "Save the World!"

Thus "SAVE the WORLD" campaign was started. Key to this
movement is the
viewing and spreading of these videos below.
They are fun and inspiring!

Please take the time to view! Join me on Twitter and let's make this
spread like wildfire! The last video you might think is about network
marketing, it is, but only about the concept which, if applied to
goodwill, can spread this goodwill effort across the earth.

If you agree, copy this page's URL:
and send it to everyone you know asking them to do the same! I'm
sure this will do more than any chain letter. No hidden catches. No
tracking. Just help, I hope, for man.

Thanks and Enjoy, Carl the Poet

This is the page that started a Movement! #AwesomeTeam was born to further this
and the specific goals as listed out in
New Civilization!

Watch the short fun videos below!
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Human Rights:
1.We are all born free & equal!
2.Don't Discriminate
3.The Right to Life
4.No Slavery
5.No Torture
6.You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go.
We're All Equal Before the Law.
Your Human Rights Are Protected by Law.
No Unfair Detainment
10.The Right to Trial
11.We're Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty
12.The Right to Privacy
13.Freedom to Move  
14.The Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live
15.Right to a Nationality
16.Marriage and Family
17.The Right to Your Own Things
18.Freedom of Thought
19. Freedom of Expression
20.The Right to Public Assembly
21.The Right to Democracy
22.Social Security
23.Workers Rights
24.The Right to Play
25.Food and Shelter for All
26.The Right to Education
28.A Fair and Free World
30.No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights

I am looking for ideas and help to spread this effort.
The good guys on this planet out number the bad guys
at least four to one! Together we can not be stopped.  
Please pass this page on broadly. Man needs your
help. It does matter. Please
contact me directly.
Twitter fits into my plan. Twitter increases
communication. Man only has problems when
communications break down. So join

See New Civilization

Also, I am soliciting donations! I want to do this big
but I need help. I pledge to use your funds to further
this effort  spreading communication far and wide.

Carl the Poet, Grandfather, Freedom Fighter.  

Funding ideas:
I am not a non-profit corporation, yet. If you have faith in this effort,
donate via check or money order or click the above. Yes, make them
payable to me, Carl Watts. I will exchange for your donation and
write you a personalized poem or promote you across my social
networks numbering in the thousands!
See Twitter.  Just provide me
the subject matter.


The next video is about how to spread the good will. It is not selling
anything, only giving you info about how to pay it forwards!
Love is Energy.... Pass it forward !

Should you be curious, I have listed various other point that you may find of interest. They may or may not be directly
related to this or other articles beyond survival of humanity and the rights of men and women.

Actions and Additional Information...click here!

Please follow @MaryHWatts as a back up to my account!

I have a page “Problem Solving”. Check out some of my successes, click here.

I am a
Health Coach  and trained to do Nutrition Response Testing. I can assist those that want to change their health.

#AwesomeTeam Day2U! :-) #PEACE

Carl Watts
Twitter as: http://twitter.com/Poet_Carl_Watts   
On Facebook:
My Facebook Fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carl-Watts/30825534785
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*TweetAdder: these links to take you to my affiliate page! If you do purchase, I recommend you sign up as an affiliate. That way, you can make
commission to if you promote and someone signs up. I can tell you, I purchased form someone's promotion and they made money! So should you!


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