How to be safe in
A frail human body on Earth

There's no safety for a human
If the electrical cord doesn't get you
The AMA's cancer will.

But, Would being aware of the environ
Knowing what's going on, help?
You bet it would!

Though sometimes not.
Aware of flying bullets is not protection
So Perhaps No.

But a little more aware,
You would know not
to be there, safety!

Awareness gives knowledge
Knowledge give
s Control

If you know and control
You're safe, safety!

If you know you're immortal
You're safe, safety!

Bodies dies every 70 years
s never perish, safe, safety!

Everything will be alright
Be aware, know, control
Safe, Safety, Immortal all the same :-)

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    ©2014 Carl Watts 062314
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