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Dear All:

Education is something business owners and parents alike want fixed. I received a copy of this and posted in on our Set A Good
Example Campaign site.
It is a hard hitting statement written by a 15 year old boy with a remarkable flair for writing.  Here is
what he wrote:

    "There is a place where violence is commonplace and expected much as
    unpleasant weather;
    Where nothing is thought of armed  robbery;
    Where narcotics and hallucinogens are sold like newspapers;
    Where the only safe haven can be found is in alliance with a group of armed and
    hardened people who are forever defending and aspiring against other affiliations;
    and where brutal crimes are punished by temporary confinement measured in hours,
    or black marks on one's record, or not at all.

This fence-and-metal-detector-encircled institution is the high school. In this environment the individual student is
likely to fall back to very primitive philosophies to survive, in place of the morals that were never taught. The
government's solution is to build vandal-proof drinking fountains. We must bring students the morals in The Way
to Happiness. We must bring them today for without them the future is dark."

Check out this site for more information and an application for membership in SAGE Club, click here!

Barbara Ayash
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