Responsibility for Children

There has been much discussion on the subject of children. Much of it is maybe not agreed upon. My book called “River
of Lies” is not yet published so there is no well know source of information on how to be responsible for children.

In the past, parents were responsible for educating their children. I believe that can be agreed upon rapidly. Somewhere,
the "one education fits all children" system came into being. It’s called public education. That wasn’t too bad.

Actually, it was a solution to a problem. It allowed children to get a broader, more comprehensive education. In theory this
worked. The little red school house came into being. There at least, the teacher could read, many parents couldn’t and
didn’t have time to teach.

Early Period

During this early period, children still worked to help the parents. Summer was not a time to totally become a vegetable in
front of the TV, it was a time to help with the crops. Children took jobs in the afternoons and weekends. I know this to be
true because I did.

Then more and more parents had to work, thanks to our great income tax situation, fed banking scam and other factors.
Mothers or fathers found they had to have a second income to make ends meet and so the kids had to go somewhere
during the day. Hence, public schools became a force.

Giving up Responsibility

The Parents, by giving up the responsibility to educate their children, left a vacuum and of course nature doesn’t really
like vacuums, it abhors them. In stepped the governments, city, state and federal.

Of course the federal government, already infiltrated by worthless technology devised by drug pushers and those that
promote “feel good”, “worry about the child’s esteem and pass him even if he can't read,” filtered down into the schools.

Eventually these views were mandated in order to get government money. Oops. Seems now the feds are telling the
schools what to do with YOUR children.

Public Education

With these “comprehensive technologies” being forced upon educators at all levels, education declined and declined.

Public education, in general, is a failed system. Many children never complete it and those that do are often NOT

Public education is a crime executed on the children (remember this is based on the non-existent history book “River of

So the parents, poor creatures, having to work two jobs and sometimes even more just to survive, further neglected the


The kids aren’t allowed to work.

You know the government disallowed that so we could have “juvenile delinquency” and thus employ a whole new batch of
police and school psychs to handle the problem. Don’t worry, they have it under control.

All the gangs have been labeled so they know who they are. These children can go on welfare once they start having
children themselves and all will be under government control.


Somewhere along the line, curfew comes in. Kids can’t stay out at night, smoke or drink, etc like their parents do. Wrong!
They can and do, but it’s illegal.

I’m not promoting that they drink or smoke. My point is they need guidance from the parents to make correct choices!
The parent’s job is to ensure the child is prepared to survive on his own without a policeman over his shoulder.

But now the government is telling YOUR children what to do and what not to do. Go home by ten and don’t do this or that.

It seems to me that’s the parent’s hat to do; to guide and instruct the children.


Children misbehave. They all do. They make noise and move about rapidly. They all do. Well, the government and the
psychs think those things are crimes and use drugs to make them sit still. Dead people are still too.

If you don’t cooperate, the government can declare you unfit and you can lose YOUR child. They’ll drug him if you
won’t! This is a real situation. I had a near personal experience with one of my troublesome children. He’s really creative,
intelligent and strong willed. He just didn’t fit into their mold.


Responsibility requires that parents run some control on their children. Control is directing, starting and stopping.
Responsibility requires some knowledge. Knowledge, control and responsibility all go together.

In order to be responsible, parents need to realize that the government will bypass them and take control away from
them. It’s time to wake up.

Parents need to put their children’s survival ahead of the car payments and other considerations. Separated parents
need to lay aside their personal differences and look into the future. Start working together to ensure your child’s survival.
They will not survive well without help from YOU.

Children are the future. Children are wonderful and well worth the efforts.

©2009-2012  by Carl Watts/ 031809 edited 122612
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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