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To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to relay a few things that have happened in my short life and leave you with a task. I'll start way back in time.

Here's the story.

My friend, Ray, and I were playing a game like pool or billiards out in the asteroid belt. This is a game where you shot
into a group of rocks we stacked up and tried to make them land in specific places.

We had been playing for a while and were getting bored.

I suggested a new game. I said “Follow me.”

New Game

We zipped down to any area where I’d been before. It was a land of giant boulders and immense trees that went
seemingly thousands of feet in the air.

It was a fun area to explore but it was dangerous. That was part of the fun!

Sometimes you ran into giant bugs of various types. Every one of those bugs seemed to be hungry and as they were all
bigger than us, we must have looked like lunch to them. The true was that we were very very small!

Sometimes we had to jet away to keep them from catching and eating us up.

The worse were the giant spiders. We’d jet up a move away a little and they’d jump after us. Some of them were very
persistent. But fortunately, we could jet higher and faster than they could jump.

Sometimes around the boulders we’d find a giant worm. These were harmless unless they slimed you. Yuk!

We found some huge crystals. They really seemed to be too big to take with us. There were gems and some looked
like fist size diamonds. They were so common.

As we moved on we entered an area of vegetation.

The dense growth looked like it would be impossible to walk through so we decided to just have some lunch at the

We weren’t hungry but it was fun to eat.

Giant Ants

While Ray and I were eating, we suddenly noticed giant ants approaching form three directions.

Ray and I decided we had enough of this type exploration. Ray took off.

I stayed back and started to gather up the couple things. Then I decided, I didn’t need them as I could always just mock
up new things.


I heard Ray call from far above. “I’ll beat you at asteroid pool this time!” He was challenging me to a game!

Asteroid pool was the game we had been playing.

Being really small down on Earth has an adventurous side. But being huge out in space is much more fun.

So I zipped into space and assumed my normal size.

Asteroid Pool

Asteroid pool was where we set up a four sided pyramid of asteroids. It was basically a neat pile of rocks.

Each player got to look at them and estimate their weight and shapes so we could predict where they would go. We
would choose some nearby large asteroids as targets bases. These were the areas where we wanted the rocks to

The idea was to shoot a beam of energy at the pyramid rocks and send them flying on their way. You weren’t allowed to
control them with energy beams after your first shot. That would be cheating.

The game and the skill was you had to decide where to hit the pyramid with your energy beam so that you could get the
rocks to go where you wanted them to go and hit the targets.

It was fun. You only got one shot and then you had to gather them up again or get some new rocks.

I was really good at making at leas
t a couple of the rocks hit the targets.

Mount Olympus

After a few day of this, we decided to go to the mountain top and visit some family. They lived on Mount Olympus.  Most
of them were old and they just hung around with the humans.

Ray and I were the only young gods around. Someday, I hoped there would be a young goddess I could play with
amongst the stars.

Oh well! “Come on Ray. Let’s go visit the old Gods and eat some of their food” We didn’t need to eat but it was fun.

My Favorite Game

I liked to hop from star to star and see the different colors. Sometimes if you stepped too hard on a star, you got some
awesome fire works. I knew the old folks wouldn’t see the changes in the stars for years so I wouldn't get into trouble.
The old gods never went far from Earth.

Long Ago

That was eons ago. Visiting the old gods was kind of like going to local coffee spot is now. It was fun, something to do!

Except now, it seems I have to eat. Also, it’s hard to stretch out to the stars and hard to get a small as a grain of sand.
But at least the insects are not a big problem. They’re only a small problem.

I haven’t seen Ray in a couple centuries. He may have gone as did all the old gods.


It seems that associating with the humans will bring a god down scale until you’re about the same as they are.

When a god becomes human, they disappear. They’re still gods, they just don’t know it and don’t act like it. They turn
into homo sap.

Too much agreement on the bodies and caring for the bodies and all that.

I lost my last wife about three years ago. She lived to be 98 that was good for a human. Some of our children have
picked up some of my abilities and they will live for much longer.

I moved up to the mountains to be away from man so I could ascend back up and regain a bit of my godly abilities.  I
feel fit enough now to have some fun.

New Game

I just dropped the body I had been using for the past 412 years and figured I’d go play for a while before I got a new
one. They were every where on Earth, over seven billion bodies!

So I zipped into the heavens. Deep in outer space, I stood one foot on a star and the other foot on another stars. I don’t
really have feet, it just sound good to say that.

I gazed across a couple galaxies. I thought “What a nicely arranged set of stars!”

I decided to go off and explore. Maybe somewhere else across this seemingly vase universe there were other gods
that remembered who and what they are.

Maybe my next wife didn’t have to be a mere mortal who would pass in sixty or seventy years.

I looked over at Sol and thought to Earth. “Don’t blow yourself up. I’ll be back some day.”


So I hope this message finds Homo Sap still surviving and doing well. You are to take good care of Earth, I'll be back
and I want it to be green and alive!

I leave Earth to you to care for while I am away. Be good to my planet.

Signed “Junior”

(I’m still young and I refuse to be or act like an old god.)

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