Reality Check, The Arena

The sun was shinning hot and bright that day
The seats looked filled with cheering people
Entertainment! They were looking, pointing my way
The bindings were tight. I looked up at the steeple.

From where I was held, it was all I could see
The crowd was going wild yelling in bliss
I was about as scared as a live man could be
There was a sudden sound, a loud hiss

I didn’t feel the blade go through
I just found my head on the ground
The steeple is gone; I’m looking up at you
I wish the flies wouldn’t buzz around

It was only a few moments before sight went black
I rose above the thing and glanced at the steeple
I noticed them pick up the head and throw it into a sack.
The arena was filled with ghastly, happy people.

I wondered if I had done evil or was bad
I wondered how many times I’d have to die
Death used to make me feel sad
Now it’s a new start, like the fourth of July.

Another set of memories in the night
Billions of vivid memories to throw away
Relief I’ll find, the sun bringing warm daylight.
Memories, I’m going to start selling them today!

This is a reality check for you.
Don’t be unhappy or sad
I’ll see you through
It’s not bad

I’m here for you…

©2009 Carl Watts
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1/11/09, 1/22/09
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