Rap Music, My Opinions

    Rhythm and Rhyme

    Rap Music is rather new to the music scene from my limited observation.

    Although it does seem to me some of the native Indian chanting has a rap rhythm as
    well as many other native dances and songs.

    So Rap is probably really a very old form of music.

    What I find exciting and beautiful about Rap is the creativeness and speed of rhyme
    of the words. I find the ability to get a message out in a musical form incredible. One
    of my favorite rap songs is “Define Better” by Chill E. B.

    Coupling a message to well done music is priceless and very deserving of praise.

    I will promote any Rap music that fits the above description.

    Offensive Rap

    I get asked to promote many artists. When I listen to the music, I always do, if I get
    turned off by the vocabulary, I turn it off.

    If the Rap is an angry rant, I turn it off.

    If the Rap is promoting drugs, vulgar sex or violence, I turn it off.

    I find it offensive for a group to use derogatory terms to describe their fellow man. In
    my opinion, it makes the singer, songwriter and their listeners, less and different from
    the rest of humanity.

    I know they are not less, not different and therefore I refuse to listen to or promote
    songs that denigrate or make less others or themselves.

    Harmony of Life

    Beautiful music, cleaver rhyme, awesome rhythm all have a harmony and beauty. The
    control of sound and words to enhance the harmony of life is very desirable.

    This ability makes people famous and wealthy.

    My Opinions

    I do not expect everyone to agree with my opinions or observations.

    I can tell you that my efforts can raise songs up charts by more than a point. I've done
    so several times.

    So while you may not agree, I'm willing to help you if you stretch your creative ability
    towards harmony.

    Many think they have to shock people to get attention. I do not think that is true.
    Murder will get you attention but the wrong kind.

    Making beautiful music, beautiful songs creates fame routinely. Those musical pieces
    do not fade away but keep being played for years and years.

    Being “bad” or “cool” is fine if it is not immoral or degrading.

    Rebelling against society is fine if you are not harming others in the process.

    You do not have to conform, but to have my aid, you may not harm or suggest
    negative/harmful practices or viewpoints.

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