Psych Syndromes

The problem with psychiatric naming of ills is that they are MADE UP!

The psychiatrists get together and vote on what the name of the syndrome
should be. There is no scientific evidence. See
Debunking the ADHD Myth.
Actually psychiatry has no basis for its existence and is an utter failure doing
only harm for profit.

Syndromes are either wholly fabricated or are natural human responses to
various things.


A child on a sugar diet will be “hyperactive”. A child who is confused will not
continue to keep his attention fixed!

But the medical industry via the psychiatrists have given these normal actions
syndrome names:
Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, ADHD or several other
similar made up labels.

Of course bigpharma immediately comes up with a drug to treat this

Hyperactivity is treated with a “speed like” drug called Ritalin or several other
forms of speed.  The poor innocent child is overwhelmed with these type
drugs and sits still in utter confusion. See
Debunking the ADHD Myth.

Children are drugged all for the profit of the medical/pharma criminal groups!

This drugging often produces a mentally crippled child that will become a
major drug addict. I personally know of an example, very real, of this effect

I suppose if my foot itches, I have "itch syndrome" and I can be drugged until I
don't know if have feet!

Alternative remedies can handle the symptoms listed as
psychiatric "syndromes."

Feed a child, they stop being starved and settle down. Sugar is not food.
Chemicals are not food. Foods must nourish the body.

Processed, genetically modified products, do not nourish bodies. They are

Fruit juice is not nutritious. Fruit juice does not nourish bodies. It is a hidden
form of sugar. Eat the whole fruit. That is
nutritious and does nourish bodies.

I could go on.

Psych "Syndromes" Are FRAUD

My point of this. When an Alternative data source writes about their solution,
they must clearly state in their articles that these psychiatric “syndromes” are
made up, fictitious naming of existing illnesses or symptoms! By referencing a
"syndrome" gives it validity. Psych "syndromes" are not valid.

I know enough nutrition that I can help calm anyone. While I am not interested
in helping the insane, I am interested in helping the average stressed out

The pressures of life can easily get a person down. But with proper
supplements they are much more resistant and recover faster and easier.

I would never say nutrition can handle “paranoia”. Because that would credit
the state as being real. Anyone can be afraid or in anxiety. And there's a very
good chance that this is induced by a shortage of B vitamins and too many

Homeopathy can help the person handle symptoms of many made up psych
syndromes. There are symptoms that are real. But real symptoms do not make
a "syndrome" requiring psych drugging!

Homeopathy should not lend credibility to psych labels! For example
“Homeopathy gives relieve for Post Traumatic Syndrome” could be more
correctly said such as “Homeopathy can handle the symptoms listed for “Post
Traumatic Syndrome”.

Then, to start off any article, the author should fully name the fraud of labeling
every or any symptom as a “syndrome”.

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Psychiatrists never, NEVER, heal anything.

Psychiatric practices are uniformly harmful. All the “psych” practices are fraud
sciences. No psych practice of any flavor works thus they are all fraud.

The psych industry is only kept alive by insurance companies and government
money. No individual, who is sane, pays for inhuman torture “treatments”. No
sane person pays to be talk to for hours giving little or no results after years of

Based on observation and experience, it is my opinion, if people with “mental
problems” can avoided getting themselves drugs and just went for long walks,
that about 80% of them would suddenly be “cured” by fresh air, space and

Try it.

The other solution, which you need to do regardless of other problems, is to
get your nutrition straightened out. I can help you get healthier if you like. I can
not cure you of anything, nothing will cure you, except yourself. If I help you
and you get better, we will call that a "coincidence".

I am not trained in homeopathy. I do know it works! I can refer you if you like
as they can do some wonderful things.

I personally use homeopathy.

All the noise about how Homeopathy or other alternative remedies don't work
is financed by bigpharma/ama who hates the idea of a cure. Bigpharm/ama
hates cures because there is no profit in health.

Not all Doctors are guilty of this viewpoint.

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Complex Vs Simple.

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