Problem or Solution?                 3/31/13

The question that prompted me to write this article was “Are you part of the
problem or part of the solution?” I wrote it a part of "
Questions of the Day."

That is very difficult to answer for the good reason “problem” in that sense is
not defined!

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What is a Problem?

What is the Basic Problem?

Is the basic problem having money or food? That is part but not simple

Is having air to breath, someone to love and be loved by the problem? Again
that's not simple enough.

Could stating the single most basic problem of humanity would lead to a
basic solution or solutions? I believe it could.

Let me give an example.

There were two students that got into a horrible upset at school where I

My job was to resolve these type things and no, unlike public school, the
solution was not to suspend both students! That type “justice” is not only
blind but totally stupid and resolves absolutely nothing.

So I did a little investigation. By questioning the two girls, I discovered
another girl that had been talking to both girls about how bad the other was.

By speaking to each girl separately, this third girl had gotten them both upset
at each other! The upset would not resolve until I brought all three girls

I confronted the third girl with the data in front of the upset girls.

The upset girls now seeing the truth immediately ceased being upset.

Once the true problem had been realized, there was no more upset.

By the way, all these endless wars are created up by the media, government
operatives, and the banksters.

People do not like wars or killing other people unless they are insane! Most
people are not insane only a few are! Fact.

Wars are perpetuated by unseen third parties! Just like the upset was kept
going between the two girls by the unseen element of the third girl.

Bringing the cause of the upset into light allowed an immediate resolution!

Basic Problem Is:

The basic problem is Survival.

Survival is pretty basic. Money, food, love, pride, honor, all aid and are part
of survival.

There are some parts of survival that are very basic: Beauty, Creativity,
Positiveness, Production and so on.

These are things that help people be happy and stay alive. These are
survival tools.

Upset and Negativeness

How you act in your day to day communications can aid survival or damage it
for many people!

For an example take a look at an angry driver with road rage. Even if he
doesn't physically harm anyone, he has ruined his day which will probably
lower his production and the production of those around him.

He has negatively impacted the other drivers on the road which may spread
to their environment.

He will go home and cuss and rant about how he was wronged on the road,
upsetting family and friends.

You see how this could work?

Being Productive and Positive

Recently, my wife has had some rough days at work. She is a heavily relied
upon senior executive.

I realized while she was busy working on the nuts and bolts of the business,
she was not addressing the situation basic enough.

Being the person I am, I redefined her job responsibilities for her:

Her job was to put calm, harmony, positiveness into the office and staff!

Harmonious calm people are very productive!

The next day, she did this and her boss let her leave early in the day!
Apparently it worked!

No matter what specific task you have in life, your broad task is to aid life's

The Basic Barrier to Survival

The basic barrier as I see it is the upset, the insanity, the evil which stops
production and disrupts communication! It stops creativeness, kills love,
makes the environment mentally ugly. Chaos.

Depression is failing to be productive. Depressed people are a large part of
the problem needlessly!

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THE SOLUTION to this is not going effect and to out create it!

Your Job Redefined

So with the problem known, the barrier that create it, the solution is simple.

Your job is to create cheer! Calm upsets! Create Harmony. Be as productive
as you can at whatever you do. Be positive! That is survival and if you do
this, it can spread!

If you need help with this, I can help. If you find things stopping you (part of
the barrier) I can help!

If you're an artist, and everyone is, get busy creating positive art.

Negative, low toned, non-aesthetic “art” is very damaging and creates chaos.

For the artists I have a poem “
The Creating of Earth's Future.” I hope you

This video is a good example of a man being positive and lifting others up.
It's that easy! Enjoy:

    So will you be part of the problem or part of the

    You have the above data to think with. If you're
    sane, the answer should be sane too.

    We are in this together. No man or woman is
    outside this game no matter how much money
    they have!

    The only problem with this is so many people
    are so low toned, they can't see their hand! So
    it's up to you and me to pull this off!

    I appreciate your help and support.
    #AwesomeTeam needs you as part of the

    You can also apply the example given in the
    second short fun video to the left! Enjoy!

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