Playing with Beams

Well one day I decided to get out for some space
I thought I just step back and enjoy being out of it.
I tried and I tried to get out of my head
Foiled and defeated, I was dead stuck in the middle of it.

So for a while I sat spent; how to get free?
Well, I looked around and found beams everywhere I went
Beams that pushed and some that pulled
What a tangled mess and I was in the middle of it

A sudden idea, what if I threw a line over to the wall behind
I imagined a solid one, strong and stout
I wrapped it through the window and wall.
Yep, it was strong and not too long

So I started tightening the line
Nothing happened, I was in a bind
So I started pushing on the wall in front of me
Suddenly I was out!

I wanted to shout but it was shaky in the air
A beam in the front and one to the rear.
Quickly I slid one to the floor to hold me up.
Then I put another down so I could walk.

With a push and a pull, I started to move.
Slowly at first, a giant grasshopper I was.
Grace came with patience and practice
As I moved about, I wanted to shout again
Suddenly, I realized I’d moved off my beams

I was really out now
I was free.
I’m heading out of the galaxy.
Sure as hell I’m not stopping on Mars

Just remember my friend,
It’s easy to be free
You just need to know that you can start
And if you do, soon you will be out too.

So listen as I tell you about the freedom of outer space.
It’s kind of like home universe, you’re free to roam
You can put anything you like any where you want to.
No reason required, no logic needed, just create
Aesthetics are easy, it goes exactly like you say.
Your own universe. Create it.

©2009 Carl Watts posted 1/15/09
Page created 1/15/09, modified
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