Paving Beauty
Page created 3/13/09

You look out that front window
A beautiful yard, flowers
Blue sky, So Cal beauty
Then it hits you

That driveway
Broken and marred
Eye sore of the block
Enough to give a passer bye a shock

Wife’s been saying
Get out there
Fix that mess
You know it’s true

A huge job
Too much for you
You should get it paved
Hoping the cost won’t dig your grave

Then you remember
Pacific Paving Stone
Pacific Outdoor Living
You start breathing again

You call them up
They set the standard
They guarantee the works
Relief in sight

You’re so glad you called
Beauty has been restored
Never will it have to be redone
The good life has just begun

Southern California beauty
Looking out your window
So nice to see the view
Your wife is happy with you
I have some good friends at Pacific Paving Stone and Pacific Outdoor Living, so I thought I'd take a few moments and say a few good words about their
fabulous work! Carl
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