Paul and the Invaders

The Invaders and the Attack

Deep in space there was a race of beings. They were technologically advanced and had faster than light travel abilities.

They were military minded and took what they wanted. Their current plan was to conqueror the galaxy one system at a

They were approaching the outer rim of the galaxy, a remote little group of stars.

This would be of no interest but one of those small stars was ours. Around Sol orbited our home, Earth.

The invaders were merciless with the inhabitants of the planets they took over.

First from far away from the planet, they would seed the atmosphere with viruses. These viruses were fast acting air
borne flesh eating little devils!

To help the citizens of the planet inhale, they would add a scent of flower blossoms. Not too sweet but just a hint to get
you to try to identify the smell by inhaling again.

If you did this, your body was usually dead within hours.

The virus struck all the races. After the first day of the attacks, man was reduced to less than ten percent of the
population it had the day before.

It was estimated that over seven billion homo sapiens died that day.

The remaining people were out of communication and totally disorganized.

It looked like Earth was going to be invaded without firing a shot in self-defense.

The invader ships started landing, just a few on each continent. Their troopers just gathered up the remaining humans
and had them start cleaning up the bodies.

Not only was man whipped, he was now a slave.

The aliens appeared to be like man back on the evolutionary
chain. But man had gone forward and these invaders
should still be in the trees but were flying
space ships and murdering whole populations.

Night had fallen for man.

Paul Richardson

Except for one man, Paul Richardson, who was not your normal man.

Paul was a hermit who lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He rarely came to town because he really didn’t like
people very much. Or more accurately, he didn’t like crowds.

Paul had learned early in his life that being near too many “normal humans” was painful and degrading.

Painful because they were on average exceedingly stupid and their thoughts were confused and often vicious.

Paul was a mind reader.

The average human being was an emotional anchor and they pulled each other down. Paul had tried to pull people up
and he could do this if he handled one or two at a time. But in a large crowd, it was like trying to dig your way out of an
avalanche where the snow just kept falling in on you.

Paul figured for the most part it just wasn’t worth the effort. He had a few followers that he would let visit him once in a
while. While they always gained new heights of abilities while they were with him, they always went back into the
mental cesspool of the cities.

It was a losing battle.

But Paul, out by himself with just nature to confront, had gotten stronger and stronger. He learned how to levitate
things. He could command the animals of the forest. Fish would jump out at his request. Paul didn’t have to hunt or fish.
The life of the mountain forest fed him willingly.

Paul fed them energy and they fed him.

Nothing ever bothered Paul.

Every once in a while he’d find he wanted something from town and he’d walk down out of the mountains and get
whatever he needed.

This time, he wanted to get some new boots with real heavy soles.

So down he went. As he approached, he noticed the lack of random thoughts and general noise you got from a crowd
of people.

In fact, it was almost totally silent. Paul could only pick up the thought from one man.

Paul headed towards that man.

He observed the town was totally empty, not a single person anywhere.

He got to the house where the man was and found him in the cellar.

He was pretty much insane but Paul managed to calm him.

The guy looked starved so Paul pulled out some food and gave it to the man.

He ate it rapidly and looked up at Paul. Some sanity was returning.

Paul asked him verbally, “What’s your name?”

The old guy replied “Ben Johnson.”

“Hello Ben, I’m Paul Richardson.”

Ben nodded his head. Paul went on, “Where are all the people?”

Ben looked scared and much closer to going over the edge but managed to say “Dead. They’re all dead.”

Paul was a little shocked and said “What happened to them?”

Ben calmed down a bit and looked a little angry and said “Them invaders. First they killed most everybody off with
some kind of virus. Then they herded the rest off like cattle. I haven’t seen anyone except you for two months.”

Paul's shock turned to horror. He could tell from Ben’s mind that Ben’s story was accurate and true. Ben had seen them
and the picture of the alien troopers was clearly branded into his mind.

Paul straightened up his thoughts. “Come on Ben we need to find you some food. Then I need to find out more about
the aliens!”

He went to the local general store. The electricity was still on. Paul broke the door window and they entered. There
was lots of food still under refrigeration. He showed Ben. “Here Ben, help yourself. Don’t look like anyone else is going
to eat any of this.”

Paul paused for a moment. “Ben, I’m going to head towards Los Angeles. If there’s any resistance, Los Angeles will be
where it is.”

Ben was really coming around and was thinking much more clearly.

He said “You might want to see if you can find a motorcycle. They're small and not as easily spotted. You’ll get there a
lot faster too.”

Paul said “Yep, you’re right. Is there a cycle shop in town?”

Ben said “Come on, it’s not far. You should get one of those Japanese models. They run fast and don’t have problems”

Paul said “Lead the way!”

At the cycle shop which had been left wide open, Ben said to Paul. “I’d take one of these small Hondas. They’re quick
and reliable. I don’t know how easy it will be to find gasoline and these go a real long way on a tank.”

Paul picked a 500cc Honda and rolled it outside. He went back in and got a helmet, gloves, a jacket and some boots.
That was what he had come to town for. These were like military boots and should last for a long time.

Outside, Ben said “Come around back they have a gas pump. You can fill up before you take off.”

Paul filled up the tank to the top.

Ben said “Hey Paul, you reckon you will be coming back this way?”

Paul smiled brightly behind the helmet visor and said “You can count on it. I’ll be back in a day or two, tops.”

Paul fired up the cycle and started to roll. He waved by to Ben who was waving bye to him.

Paul could feel the loss in Ben. Ben had been alone and didn’t like it. He’d already grown to like Paul and felt he would
never see him again. Paul sent a firm thought to Ben “I’ll be back. Don’t worry!”

Ben seemed to get it and lightened up and thought “He’ll be back, I just know it!”

So this handled Ben feeling he lost his friend and that he was going to be alone again.

Paul accelerated out of town headed towards Los Angeles.

It was eerie going down the roads and never seeing another vehicle.

Once overhead he caught sight of an aircraft. He tried to pick up the thoughts of the crew but there was some electrical
interference and he couldn’t make out their thoughts.

He hoped the invaders didn’t know how to shield their thoughts. He needed information to figure out what to do to help

As he approached Los Angeles, he started to pick up random thoughts. There were people here! He drove on until he
knew he was close.

When he was close enough, he pulled off the road and parked the bike.

He needed to find a spot to focus in and see what was going on.

The largest group was the slaves. They were running factories and were prisoners. There
was no real information
there. They were all too sad and upset to have any clear thoughts.

The Resistance

He located another group. This was much more fleeting. They were the free humans trying to avoid capture and trying
to see what they could do to defeat the invaders.

They seemed to have little force and little hope except in trying to stay alive.

Then he located the other group. Their thoughts were not clear. These were the aliens. Paul thought “I’m going to have
to figure out how they think.”

He started walking towards the one group of survivors that seemed to have some organization and some fight left in

Twice he felt patrol vehicles approaching and hid to avoid them. It was a good thing he did this. Each time there was a
group of aliens. They traveled in groups of two to four vehicles with from ten to forty troopers.

He started to pick apart their thoughts. The troopers felt like they were exterminators who would love to kill off all “the
pest” left on this planet that weren’t working.

It was the view point of the farmer. Dogs were good. They worked. Coyotes were pests and just caused trouble. So you
shot the coyotes while you fed the dogs.

So Earth men were pests. Paul thought, “You haven’t seen anything yet!”

After about 45 minutes walking, Paul approached an area that looked like no human had ever been near it, yet inside
were several men and women.

They were alert and armed. Paul realized he would have to be careful so they didn’t shoot first and ask questions later.

So when he got near, he shouted “Anyone home?”

He could read the minds inside and they were all surprised to hear someone outside shouting. They also were
anywhere from fearful to antagonistic. One man, alone, was calm and curious. It was clear from his thoughts that he
was the leader.

The leader was Joe Pechi. Paul read his thoughts. Joe was thinking “Well someone knows we are here. I’m going to
find out who this guy is and where he came from.”

The door to the building swung open slowly. A large man with a shot gun stepped out. This was Joe. While he was
curious, he was also cautions and willing to shoot.

Paul said “Hello Joe.”

Joe was even more surprised and more curious. “How did you know my name?”

Paul said “It’s easy, I read minds. And it clear that you are the leader of the group. It’s also clear you don’t really know
what to do to handle the invaders. Am I correct?”

Joe was still curious. He wanted to know more. “What’s your name?”

Paul replied “Paul Richardson. I was basically what you’d call a hermit. When the invaders came, I was living in the
mountains and didn’t even know they were here. Earlier today, I went into town to get new boots and found the whole
town empty except one old man. That’s when I learned about the invasion. Now I want data on the invaders so we can
do something about them. Can you help me?”

This further surprised Joe. Usually people showed up wanting help being protected from the invaders. Here was a man
who wanted help to handle the invaders. Completely different!

Joe said “Come on inside. It’s not always safe to stand around outside!”

Paul said “I’d be happy to come in but there are no patrols in the area.”

They both went inside. In the big room were about 30 men and women. They were a pretty scruffy bunch. Apparently
they not only survived the virus but they were tough and smart enough to not get caught by the invaders.

Paul looked at the group and said to them all “You guys are amazing! You don’t get sick and you don’t get captured!
You are the creme de crème!”

They looked shocked. None of them had realized how able they were.

They started to say thank you to him. Joe spoke up clearly for the group. “You’re right. We are survivors. We just need
to figure out how to kick the invaders off our planet and set our fellow men free. Can you help us?”

Paul said “Let’s sit down and you can tell me everything you know about the aliens. I want each man and woman to tell
me their own observations so I don’t miss anything. Joe, would you go first”?

Joe said “Sure.” Joe told Paul all he knew. Paul was reading his mind and would sometimes ask a question so that Joe
would dig up a bit more.

“Thanks Joe. Who’s next? How about you young man, Pete right?”

The next man was Pete. Pete told his story and gave all he had. This was repeated until all thirty eight people told Paul
their story and what they had seen.

Paul said “Joe, I need to take a nap and digest all this data. Is there someplace I can sleep for a couple hours?”

Joe said “Yes, come on back. There a bed in the next room.”

Joe showed him in and Paul laid down. Joe shut the door on the way out.

The crowd was quite but Paul could hear their thoughts. They were excited. Paul had brought hope. Paul hoped there
was some reason for them to feel this way.

He slept fleetingly. So many thoughts kept going through his mind.

He rose up into the atmosphere and observed the city. The aliens had cordoned off a large section of downtown and
had leveled a nearby section to use for a space port. The old Los Angeles Airport was abandoned. He could sense
space ships rising straight up and heading across the planet.

He spent some time following them.

By tracing their flights, he found that Earth was held by a small number of aliens with secure positions in twelve major
population centers.

Apparently they were using man to run factories that they had set up inside the existing facilities.

Their locations were protected by walls and weapons.

No where on the planet did there seem to be any active resistance to the occupation. Man had just laid down in defeat!

Paul rejoined his body on the bed and got up.

It seemed like there was something he should have realized but it kept slipping away from him.

He went out and rejoined the group. Food was being prepared.

Joe came up to him. Paul said “Joe, do you have any communication with other groups?”

Joe replied “Yes, short wave radio is still working. Apparently it is below the frequencies the aliens are using. There are
resistance groups in over twenty cities.”

Paul was surprised at this data. “Does anyone have any plan except trying to stay alive?”

Joe’s tone dropped “No, it seems hopeless.”

Paul said “I know. Let me spend a little time now that I rested and see what I can figure out.”

Paul went outside and found an old metal drum and sat down on it.

He tuned in on the alien’s thoughts. Distance wasn’t a real factor if you tuned in.

He located them quickly and their thoughts were garbled. He kept trying to pick out the clearer thoughts and finally got
to one that was almost normal.

This was a female trooper who was very intelligent. She was thinking about being on Earth. “This is a hell hole. The
rodents are worse pests here than the earthlings. And the bugs are horrible.” She gave a mental shutter of revulsion.

From tuning in on her, he was able to expand his reception to other members of the invader force. Almost every being’s
thoughts he touched showed an unhappy miserable group. No one was pleased with earth, its bugs and rodents. They
felt man was a low life animal. They also didn’t like the high gravity of the planet.

From this, Paul started to get an idea. These invaders were robotically following orders. All he needed to do was to
spook them into leaving.

He kept searching until he found the leader of the Los Angeles group. This was a being
named Rauul. He was a tough
murderer with a very low intelligence. He hated everything
about everything. He hated the high command for sending
him here!

While he was reading Rauul’s mind, Rauul went into a berserk fit. It was uncomfortable but
Paul rode it out to see what
sparked the fit.

Paul's Plan

After Rauul calmed down, the answer was clear, a roach had walked across the desk and that had set Rauul off into an
uncontrollable fit of rage. There was no intelligence present while he was in his rage.

Paul felt he had the answer. Bugs!

Paul could control the fish so that they would leap out to be his food. Controlling roaches, flies, bees, wasps and fleas
should be just as easy.

Not only that, he thought, if someone even thinks they might have lice, they start to itch!

So Paul had his plan.

Paul went back in and said “Joe, I have a plan! I don’t know if it will work but it may. We will start with Los Angeles.”

Joe looked very excited and said “What’s your plan?”

Everyone in the room was listening. Paul said “Bugs! The aliens are hysterical about bugs! All we have to do is get the
areas where they are infested and hopefully they will leave.”

Joe looked confused “How are we going to get the bugs to cooperate? Normally we are trying to get rid of them and
that’s never worked. So how are we going to get them to go into the alien’s base?”

Paul said “Leave that up to me. What I want you to do is to have your men trap rats and take them close to the base
and let them go. The closer to the base the better!”

Joe said “That’s easy. There are sewers running directly under their fortress. The invaders aren't expecting us to come
to them. I’ll get the men on it right away!”

Paul added “And radio the other groups that are near the invader camps. Have them get rats into the camps or as close
to them as possible. This is going to be a mind game!”

Joe said “Right away!”

Paul said “Good. I’d like to spend the night and then leave. I’ve got to go back to the Bakersfield. There’s a man there
that I told I would be back to see in a couple days. So if it’s okay with you, I’d like to get to sleep. I have a hard number
of days before me. I’ve never tried to get this much life to cooperate with me.”

Joe said “Use the bed you napped in. Ask anyone if you need anything.” Joe went off to get the short wave radio’s fired
up so he could send the word out to the other groups.

Paul went and laid down and promptly fell asleep.

In the morning, he woke up and joined the group. They were much more alive.

Joe said “Good morning. Have some breakfast.”

Paul sat down and one of the young girls, Rachel was her name, brought him over eggs and some toast. Paul said
“Thanks Rachel.”

She smiled and turned away.

After breakfast, Paul said to Joe “How’s the rat catching going?”

“Well last night we caught about 25-30. The guys took them into the invaders camp and let them go by lifting up the
sewer covers. It was funny thinking about all the rats running around in their fortress!”

“Good, did you reach the other groups and tell them to do the same?”

“Yep, and they all reported back some success!”

“Alright. I have to go but I’ll be sending in all kinds of insects into the invader strongholds. I want to be out away from
everyone so I can concentrate. Thanks for feeding me!”

Joe said “You’re welcome to come back as long as we are alive! And hopefully the “bug” plan will work!”

Paul started off and Joe said “Hey you want a motor cycle? We’ve got several around here.”

Paul relied “Sure, beats walking for an hour to the bike I left yesterday!”

So one of the men, John, hurried away and came back with a motorcycle. “Thanks!” said Paul.

Paul kicked over the engine and it fired up. He waved by as he sped away.

Paul was keeping alert for patrols. There weren’t any so he made it to
Bakersfield in two hours. No speed limits these

He extended his reception to locate Ben Johnson and found him.

Ben was in the same cellar he had been in but he wasn’t cowering in the corner. He was relaxing. It looked like going
out and gathering things up to make him more comfortable had been a good idea.

He had food in the little fridge and was listening to some music.

Paul walked in and said “Hi Ben. I told you I would be back and I always try to keep my word.”

Ben said “I knew you would. What did you find out about them aliens?”

Paul said “It seems they go crazy when bugs get near them. In Los  Angeles and all the cities where the aliens are set
up, there are resistance groups. I’ve got them busy catching rats and turning them loose inside the alien strong holds.
Rats carry fleas and lice!”

Ben was listening with wide eyes.

Paul went on “I’m going to use my abilities to have the insects invade their fortresses. I’m going to send in the flies,
bees, wasps, roaches and any other bugs I can contact. And spiders, I almost forgot, spiders! My plan is to bug them to
death or at least until they leave!”

Ben said “I hope it works!”

Paul said “I’m going back into the mountains where I can concentrate. You should go ahead and go to Los Angeles and
join the resistance there. They can use the help and you can probably use some company!”

Ben said “Good idea! I’m going to go and get me a motor cycle and head down.”

Paul said “Do you know the old Alvarado and Wilshire area?”

Ben said “Yes, I’ve been there before.”

“When you get there, look for the resistance people. Their main place is right by the tar pits. Also when you get into Los
Angeles, keep a sharp watch for patrols. They travel in packs and they are irritable and armed to the teeth! I’ll see you
in a few months!”

Ben said “Thanks. Hope I see you again!”

Paul went back outside and climbed on the motorcycle and headed for the mountains.

It took another couple hours to reach his cabin. You can’t go 120 miles per hour on winding mountain roads.

He went inside his small cabin. It was home. It was quite and there was miles of space around him. It felt good to be

He sat down in his easy chair on the front porch and closed his eyes. Paul was a bit tired after 4 hours on a motorcycle
but he was excited too.

He started focusing on the insects around the Los Angeles invader’s fortress. He got the crawling bugs moving. He
wanted to wait on the flying bugs so they’d all get there about the same time.

He did the same for New York, London, Sidney, Hong Kong and the other seven cities where the aliens had
established strongholds.

There didn’t seem to be any aliens anywhere else on the planet.

He was happy about that. They were so confident they didn’t worry about most of the planet or the few million humans

Then he realized he needed to scan the heavens. What if they had an orbiting station or a base on the moon.

He looked upwards with his mind. After a few minutes searching, he found a base. It was a very large orbiting ship.

He extended his perceptions inside the ship looking for insects. He found some strange little creatures in one area. He
sent them a thought command “Breed! You must breed or die!” Bugs are simple but they could get the concept of
breeding or dying.

Paul felt a response from the bugs! Good!

Now to wait a few days and monitor the aliens in their camps.

It was getting late and the ride had been tiring. He checked his stores and found he cupboard was bare. He thought
ahead and had a couple fish jump out of the near by stream. When he arrived, he picked them up and headed back to
the cabin to have the fresh fish. He thought thank you to the fish and any intelligence that might be watching over them.

He got a good nights sleep. It was so quiet up here. If you look at the idea of having a small light, it puts off a small
amount of light. If you put a hundred small lights, the area gets bright. Thousands and suddenly it’s almost daylight.

It’s the same with humans and aliens and their thoughts. Alone, they have very small thought strengths but combined it
gets down right noisy.

Up here you can hardly see the cities lights and the thoughts are the same. Sure you can focus in. The thoughts are
there but up here it’s just quiet.

In the morning he went out and pulled up some carrots and radishes from his garden. He found some jerky in the
cabinet and this was breakfast.

He had water from the stream. For a moment, he thought to himself “Why am I worried about man or alien invaders?
What’s the big deal? The answers came instantly from his own mind. It’s not right to invade and enslave beings!”

Okay, his path was clear. The aliens must go. So he went back to his easy chair on the porch. He focused in on the
aliens in Los Angeles. Apparently they had noticed the increase in the rat population. The crawling insects were
starting to arrive and they had notice the bugs too. The mental noise was going up.

These beings had little self control. They were use to being ordered and implanted with commands. Man was really a
healthier creature mentally than the aliens.

The invaders were part of a huge force, many millions strong, that were going through this arm of the galaxy. All that
was needed was for them to decide Earth was not worth the trouble.

So Paul summoned up the flies, beetles and moths to start heading into the Los Angeles base. He did the same for the
other eleven area bases.

The flies and some of the beetles would arrive in hours. The moths would show up at night along with more beetles.

The slower crawling insect were continuing to arrive. The spiders were swinging their way towards the alien camps.
More and more were arriving by the hour.

Paul reinforced the call for the crawling bugs and the flying bugs. The spiders needed no reinforcement. He had told
them there was food here. They were going to eat.

Paul also commanded the rats and mice to head toward the camps. The resistance groups would help by capturing
them and putting them directly inside. Other wise they might just be swarming outside the fortresses. But even that was
alright. The aliens would hopefully notice them.

The morning passed. Paul watched for landing space craft or ships about to leave planet. When he observed one, he
would have the insects in the area hurry to the craft and board it.

This was more difficult because the targeted areas were smaller. But the bugs were cooperating and so were the rats
and mice.

By mid afternoon, the spiders were climbing onto and into the ships. Any opening was subject to invasion.

The day passed and Paul slept again. He was happy with the progress. The hysteria in the alien camps was mounting.
They couldn’t stand bugs and the rats scared them.

That night, the resistance groups released hundreds of captured rats directly into the camps from sewers. The rats
liked this because of all the insects.

The next morning, Paul tuned in on the aliens thoughts. They were in an almost panic. The base commander, Rauul
had ordered poison to be put out for the rats and spaying for the bugs.

This of course didn’t work. For every one they killed a hundred more were entering the camps.

His men were fighting each other for no reason. They were all near hysteria!

Paul monitored the space ship in orbit. The hysteria was spreading there. And so were the bugs and spiders. So far
only a few mice and rats had been able to get on board.

Paul thought it was time for the less pleasant insects to arrive. He commanded the bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets
and horseflies to start invading. He wanted anything that could sting or bite to arrive.

He also thought, Ants! There were billions of ants and some of them were extremely painful.

He sent out a command to them. It was interesting but he seemed to get a reply from an intelligence that over saw the
ants. “Why?”

Paul thought back “There are invaders that are dangerous to you and there is lots of food!” The thought of invaders
angered the intelligence. The thought of food excited the intelligence. So the intelligence was angry and excited. Pretty
dangerous if you are the target. Paul aimed one more thought about the space craft and how they should be invaded
for there was food there and lots of room to start new colonies. This pleased the intelligence. It wanted room to grow
new colonies.

The ants were on the move.

It was late in the day. Paul thought to add one more touch to the program. He sent the thought as a positive suggestion
to the aliens that all the other aliens were carriers of bugs and insects. He suggested that they all itched and that when
they saw someone itching, they would also itch.

He could see that immediately working. These aliens were just abused pawns. Any suggestions to them became an
irresistible command. As he continued to monitor the aliens, they were scratching and itching. By morning they’d be line
up for medical creams and drugs to numb the itch!

The hysteria was mounting. In Paris, the invaders were rioting and apparently no one knew why!

Paul had another good nights sleep. The plan seemed to be working.

The next morning, Paul had another idea. He sent out thoughts to the snake, frogs, and scorpions to move in. It only
seemed right. If man abandoned an area nature moved in. Paul just was speeding the process up.

Paul had a good breakfast and had another idea. He’d done some experiments with plants. They really seemed to grow
when he wanted them to and didn’t grow where he didn’t want them to. He just hadn’t tried a good test of this.

So he spread his attention over the Los Angeles fortress and found a lot of living plants. He gave them the though to
grow like crazy! Now was the time to reach out and wrap around things; to climb. The response was not as clear as the
intelligence running the ants but it was a very gentle warm feeling of growth, rapid expansion.

Apparently life liked to expand!

He tuned into Rauul’s thoughts. This being was a total mess. He couldn’t think at all. His attention kept being pulled to
the bugs flying about.

Paul searched for others. The factories were idle. The invaders were not ordering the slaves to do anything. They were
all in hysteria.

The humans stood around amazed.

Paul tuned into Joe Pechi, the Los Angeles resistance leader. Have your men lead the humans out through the sewers.
Send short wave communication to the other cities to get the slaves out.

The aliens are in complete confusion.

Joe got the communication. Within minutes, Paul could perceive the humans escaping
through the sewers. The aliens
apparently didn’t notice what their slaves were doing.

The bugs were bugging them.

System Failure

Paul tuned into the space ship overhead. It was much the same. The captain was wearing a space suit. He was telling
his crew to suit up. It appeared he was going to release all the air and kill the insects.

Paul thought quick. He sent a thought to the spiders to locate relays and spin webs around them. Huge thick webs as
fast as possible. It was life or death. The spiders were remarkably fast to get the idea.

The spiders set to work immediately. There were thousands of them on board by now.

Paul observed with tenseness. What would happen? He perceived the captain giving the order to open the air locks
and let the air escape.

Buttons were pushed and throughout the mighty ship, only one air lock opened a little way.

The captain noticed many red lights telling of system after system failing. The captain was thinking this was a doomed

About that time Rauul radioed the captain. Rauul was not just the commander of Los Angeles, he was the mission
commander. He was the captains senior!

“Captain, what is your status, we need aid down here!”

The captain replied “Sir, I have massive system malfunctions. The ship is crawling with planetary insects and rodents. I
tried to evacuate the air and the doors wouldn’t respond. I don’t know how much control I still have over the ship.”

Rauul said “It is worse here. Our own troops are rioting and I can‘t get any response from the other fortresses.”

“I want you to launch rescue craft and come down and pick us up. After we are evacuated, we will rescue any survivors
from the other bases. This planet is hostile!”

The captain said “Yes sir!”

With his men in suits, they were calmer than before. So the Captain ordered crews to launch the rescue craft to Los
Angeles. This went well as the rescue craft had all been sealed.

Occasionally you’d hear a crewman scream from some stinging insect inside his space suit.

The rescue craft landed in Los Angeles. Commander Rauul was the first to board.

They evacuated the entire detachment from Los Angeles. One by one each fortress was evacuated.

Every time the rescue craft landed, more insects boarded along with the troops. They were all infested with all types of
insect and several imaginary ones!

The orbiting ship was now home to many types of Earth life forms. They had made themselves at home in the supplies
and living quarters of the ship.

Paul sat back and relaxed.

The invasion was over. Man was free without a shot being fired.

Paul tuned in on Joe. They had safely gotten the humans out of all the dozen invader strongholds. I guess the invaders
really didn’t have any idea what a true stronghold was because man could literally walk into and out of their bases
without any problems. Of course an infestation of life forms did provide some good distraction.

Paul sent Joe a “Congratulations. Well done. See you in a few months!”

Joe responded “THANK YOU!”  It seemed Joe knew who had rescued man.

Paul knew he had to go and visit Ben. Ben was expecting that.

But that didn’t have to happen for a month or two.

For now, some more fish and a few fresh vegetables.

The end.

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