This is a poem dedicated to John Trovolta in memory of Jett Travolta:

JT was young from Brooklyn on TV
He was broadly known as Vinney B
Much fame accompanied the name of JT
Such a character was JT’s flare & fame on TV.

One day you joined us, a great day!
Supporting us fully, you joined our play
We grew having JT, part of the crew.
Your awesome presence, your fame, off we flew.

When our days were dark, you never wavered
Your support, dedication true, in many flavors
We came to know you not as the star
We came to know you as the warm artist you are!

When you hurt, we hurt too
We’ll stand by you, see this through
Just know we care, ask as much as you dare
We’ll come through and see you well, so much we care!

A few words can’t express, the torrent of emotions
Not images of storms or lightening filled skies over oceans
Nothing can tell you how much we care for you.
Just know JT, we’ll see this though with your family and you.

Lean on us,
Use us
In the future, we trust,
Your future is safe with us.

Tomorrow, another day, is a plus
A new dawn is rising from the dust
Thetans go on with the play
Your star is still shinning all day

Our admiration dissolves anything,
We will turn the darkness into spring.
Dedicated with Admiration and Love,
Your fellow Scientologists near and above

©2009 Carl Watts
Past, Present, and Future
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