Paranormal, The Truth About Part 3,
What is Wrong With Magic part 1, Ghost, Demons, Spirits, Souls part 2

The truth about paranormal is no one has a clue what it is, how it works, or
really anything else about it.

When I was growing up, I read every book out there on anything relating to
paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, self improvement, memory, and so on.

What I encountered was a lot of theories. Some theories were total guessing.
Some theories were total lies. A few theories had some inkling of truth. All
were blocked even if only by the term “paranormal.”

Not one of the theories had any workable technology to support it's “facts”.


So before I get started, I like to give a summary of definition of the terms.  

For this article, a commonly acceptable definition of paranormal is:
something beyond science. Also Paranormal is contrary to what is
scientifically considered possible, or scientifically explainable. Para
comes from Latin: above, beyond, against, counter or outside.

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Now actually, the fact that a subject exist that is not explainable by science is
a pretty damnable statement about “science”.

Speaking of science, there is a lot of good that has come from the subject.
There are some areas of bad that may at some point negate all the good
they've accomplished.

For instance, if the atomic bomb wipes out all life on the planet, computers will
then not be that big of an aid to man.

If the nuclear power plants make the planet too radioactive to inhabit, jet
planes will be of little use.

If monsanto's genetic mutations kill off  life, chemical fertilizers will have been
for naught. Actually, chemical fertilizers are killing off man too. So much for
those “scientific advances”.


Science does not understand life.

Wow, that actually leaves little to be said.   

So, not understanding life,  how could science understand the fullest extent of
life's potentials?

Science is still thinking only evolution. That means you and I are accidents
which defy all mathematical probability to exist. The accident of life is
mathematically impossible.

Science says man doesn't have a soul. The fake, quack, professions of the
psych's really push that point.

They are completely wrong and are very much afraid if they look far enough
they will see God looking back at them in all their ignorance.

Paranormal Phenomena

There are many of these listed:  clairvoyance, poltergeist, levitation,
teleportation, telepathy and many other phenomena not commonly observed
in “normal” humans

Normal Humans

What is a normal human?

In my opinion, a “normal” human is pretty disable as a being.  It is my opinion,
that “Para”, along side normal, is really what should be normal. To have those
abilities would be a huge step up.

Today's man is actually “subnormal.”

Let me give a few examples. For brevity, I'm only going into the simpler proof.
Some of the proofs would require far more than I'm willing to try to explain.


Is there anyone that hasn't known at some time what the person you were
talking to was going to say?

How many times have you thought of someone and they called or otherwise

How many times have you just gotten some data about someone to shortly
later have it validated?

The problem with today's man is he denies his ability!

On top of that, since science can't explain telepathy, they are busy trying to
discredit it!


This one is a little more difficult. Again, it is an ability that has been so denied
that people with any ability in this area are considered frauds.

So here's a minor proof.

If you set your hand on the table and leave it there for 30 seconds, where will
it be in 30 seconds? Now tell me you didn't see the future.

Who says you can't cause the future? Who says reason and prediction don't
create the future?

Will the sun come up tomorrow? Is that a prediction of the future or not? Of
course it is!

Other easily observed Paranormal  Phenomena

Have you ever felt someone looking at you?

Have you ever walked into a room where they were talking about you or just
had an argument?

Have you ever felt someone's presence that you couldn't see?

Have you ever communicated with a spirit like some family member just

Have you ever known what was going to happen?

Have you ever experienced love?

Just as an aside, how does science explain love? Does science explain love
as anything beyond sex? Nope, not that I'm aware of but feel free to give me

No Horsepower (or no Spiritual Power)

The fact that these phenomena exist at all is proof that life can do much more
than is commonly believed. It must be life since in is not science!

Actually, these abilities have been crushed in man for eons. If you're powerful,
you are more difficult to control! Slaves should not be able to read minds or
otherwise exhibit power! If you could you'd not be a slave would you!

You've been convinced you're weak and have little ability at all.

The actual worse barrier to your abilities is your denial of them!

True Abilities

What if you ceased agreeing with “science” and commonly held beliefs?

What if you decided to develop your abilities? Just a little bit, slowly, baby

I can tell you progress is slow. I can tell you that it is definite.

I'm not asking you to believe. If you can't observe if for yourself, it will not be
real or true.

I'm asking you to explore the idea you are more than just a homo sap!

Normal is not good, it is horrible, death is coming rapidly.

You can be better. I ask that you have belief in yourself.

May the future never be the same and that your life become magnificent.

Catch me if you can :-)

©2011  by Carl Watts/ 11/2/11 edited 3/11/12 edited 080712 100312
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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