Ode to the Man Who Charted the Attitudes

Reading the charted way,
there are times when I felt I knew not.
But the old man pointed to I know.

Thinking I owned nothing,
again the man showed how to own all.

But as sometimes I despaired and felt stopped,
the way was shown to be the motion source.

The full effect was not pleasant
by following the guided path I came to Cause.

I learned that being wrong, having no responsibility,
and not being was a dark beingness.

The old man helped me see the rightness,
full responsibility, and that I am.

I began this life being dead and by looking up,
found survive.

I can only imagine the Old Man who charted the way,
what high flown attitudes he must have had and still cared.

What exhilaration the journey has been
following the charted way to the top.

To the Old Man

By Carl Watts
6/16/2008 Earth


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