Obstacles or Goals?                                                10/04/13


An obstacle is a barrier that gets in your way. It blocks progress towards a
desired destination.

A goal is something you want to get or reach. It can be a position such as
manager. It can be an object such as a new car. It can be place such as the
hill top. There are probably many more things that you can classify as goals
or objectives.

All Activities in Life have Obstacles.

At the same it, it is true, there will barriers to achieving any goal.

For example, you want a glass of water. The distance between you and water
maybe great or less. On the desert, distance can be a huge obstacle. If you're
in the ocean, with water all around, you have the obstacle of the fact it is salt
water! Hopefully you have some fresh water at hand!

What is Your Focus On?

I remember once when I was a little kid, I was running in the woods with some
other boys. They were older and faster and ran off leaving me behind.

I was lost and a bit frightened!

There were big trees every where. These were obstacles to me. I didn't know
which way to go.

Had I focused on the obstacles, a forest of trees, that could have been bad.

I Walked in a Straight Line.

While I didn't know which way to go, I knew enough to pick out a goal in the
distance and walk towards that.

Soon, I came to a barb wire fence which I followed.

The fence ended at some railroad tracks. I started walking down the tracks
until they came to a road. I decided to turn right and shortly, I knew where I

My goal was to get home. I had a forest and distance as obstacles. The slight
fear and confusion of being lost were also obstacles.

Obstacles in Life

When I want something, I go for it. It doesn't matter what it is. I suspect, if
you're reading this, you do the same thing!

If applicable, I will research and take the route with the least obstacles.

For example I wanted a new computer. My wife wanted me not to spend the
money. My wife was an obstacle. The amount of money was an obstacle.

The computer I was working on at the time kept freezing up. To fix it, I would
have to take it in somewhere. My online repair man could not fix it. That meant
being off line for a day or several days. I didn't want that.

I Over Came the Obstacles

Some time passed and my level of annoyance with my computer freezing
became greater than all other obstacles.

I ordered the computer and told my wife after the fact. Now, you should
understand, I had the funds all along! So having ordered it, she finally
approved. I do love my wife.

Do you Know Someone Who?

I've seen people try to do something and the obstacles seemed too great. So
their attention when off their goal and onto the obstacles.

They spent the rest of the time stuck with barriers, can't do, don't have, blah,

They were either angry or apathetic about their goal. They will tell you, it was
too difficult. It wasn't worth the effort. It was impossible in the first place!


I want to see a
better world. I write to give people data and to give them hope.

Progress is being made. We can improve our lives.


The only way to get anywhere is know where you are going, what you want to

Without goals, you are dead or dying!

Get a paper and pen or go to your computer. Sit down and write down your
goals for your life. Write them down for short term things like for dinner I'm
going to_____.

Write your long term goals for your life. As a little kid, what did you want to do,
to be, to have?

If you don't WRITE down your goals, you will not likely to be achieving them!
Write them down!


If you have difficulty with this, let me know. Everything will be okay!

©2013 by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com  100413
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