How the News Media is Used to Control Us

I'm starting off with some generalities. Television, radio, newspapers are
mainly owned by the same people. The banksters/elite through their various
corporations control them all. If they don't own them outright, they control them
by buying space or time or not buying.

So do we agree the media is controlled?

The controlled media is then used to control us, the people.

What Does the Media Do?

The media, especially what is referred to as mainstream, create a dangerous

The media profits from war, suffering, disaster, pain and loss.

The media does not want the population truthfully informed. It is clear they
choose to not report things of major importance and exaggerating minor
inflammatory issues.

Good news is rarely ever mentioned and then they normally give it some ugly
slant. “new baby born to happy mom, dad unknown”.

Have you been told what is happening to the radiation levels caused
Fukushima? No it's not “in the news” yet any Hollywood stars divorce is
almost front page news!

Do you see how the media profits while not accurately reporting things?

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What Do Media Lies Accomplish?

How safe do you feel taking a walk at night?

There are some people that are very safe and very confident. At night, I don't
walk alone. With another person or a dog on a leash yes!

It is true, some areas of the planet are more dangerous than others.

However some of those dangers are imaginary!

Do you know areas where everyone has a fence and many have bars on their

I believe the people in these strong holds are afraid. A lot of their fear may not
be of anything real.

Staying Home

I believe that fear keeps many people inside their homes. Mothers don't want
their kids out and about because... Real or created fear of what might happen.
Certainly the media has created that fear regardless of the small truth there.

What do people do when they can not or wont get out?

They watch television, play video games or social networks.

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How am I doing? Are you still in agreement with me?

Sedentary people are not as healthy as active people.

Have you notice how fat adults and children are getting? Of course not all are
but there is a definite rise in weigh and related physical illnesses!

Ha this sounds like how to keep a population under control: indoors, fat, ill!
Most magazines are paid for by ads from drug companies that are owned by
the banksters! Pharma loves this situation!

Are you still tracking with me?

Okay, a little change of subject but you'll see the reason as I tie it back in.


Can you recall the last time you were at the beach? Was it sunny, hot, cold,

How about a drive in the country? What was the weather? Who was driving?

Can you recall being high up on a mountain? Did you look in several
directions? How did you feel? Was is noisy or quiet?

By the way, recalling those things did they make you feel smaller or bigger?

Okay, I'm going to ask you to recall some other things.

After you do, if it upsets you, repeat the recalls on the mountains, country,
ocean again. Contact me if you'd like to discuss.

What was your response to the last school shooting? The last rape, murder?

Lack of Space

Just recalling those few bad events probably pushed your space in. It could
certainly lower your
emotional tone level!

The media does that intentionally daily. They want you small, crushed, not
believing you can do anything right or help!

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you, they
are insulting you. They are saying you are too stupid to know the
truth. Politicians do this daily!

Another example is have you ever been hit in the face? How big were you
right that instant? That's an insult.

The media is hitting you every day!

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Poems, Art, Beauty and Space

Art and beauty can give a person space similar to effect created by the
mountains or the ocean.

A beautiful song can make you feel lighter which is you, as a being,


Beauty and space could be almost the same thing. They are not but the
effects they create can be similar.

I write poems generally to get people to expand their viewpoint of themselves
and life.

Here's one I recommend you read:

Another one that's a bit humorous:
Discombobulated. As you read that one try
to imagine doing what it says :-)

I write articles to help give you, what I believe to be one hundred percent truth.

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If you get the newspaper delivered, cancel it right now.

Stop watching or listening to the news.

Read my articles. They don't cost you a cent.
Click here to view the list.

What is the most far object you have viewed? Can you see the moon? Are
their mountains around you can see? What the object blocking your view
outside? Can you look around it? What is the current color of the sky?

Go for a walk and look at things far and near. You might see something that
isn't bad, a pretty flower, baby or a beautiful person!

If you do these things, you will be happier and healthier.


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