New Life

I’ve had some new experiences
Ashley first closely followed by Sierra
New angelic granddaughters
Perfect examples of health, beauty

Petite, different but similar
Both girls, a blond, a brunette
Both very much there
Their strong spirits felt by all

Sometimes focusing or not
Newly, I could feel their attention
Even when eyes weren’t focused
Still they looked, they knew

New life just begun
A new life just for fun
A universe for them to conquer
These little warriors ready to go

Feminine features both
Spirits strong but dependant for the moment
I’m very happy they are my friends
On them I depend for the future of man

They are the future
They are man’s hope
Daily I work
So that they can survive

Keep the world going
Make it ready for them
Keep it safe
So they might play

New life created each day
While they are the future
I am responsible for the future
Together we might play

Page created 4/3/09
Having two new
Ashley on
Sierra born March 2009,
inspired me to write this poem.

I hope you enjoy it.

Carl the Poet
Siera at a couple weeks old. Beautiful grand daughter of Carl and Mary Watts
Ashley at a couple weeks old. Beautiful grand daughter of Carl and Mary Watts
Sierra                                                                                                                                                                        Ashley
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