A New Dawn Is Rising

Man is incredibly old, the Scientist knows not
Man has been at heights unimagined and brilliant and now is not
Man has come down the long path

from the past to what should be hope
and a new future, but for so many, it is not but despair.

America started in the rough wild lands with really only man
and the elements. And man conquered the elements

and all the land
with his brilliance and height.
Then the evil of a few men started trying to pull down

all that is best in man.
When they couldn’t do it openly, they resorted to underhand

In the last century, the evil, through their lies and deception,
invented ills, and made man

sick and dying to their evil expectations!
Through the invention of perverted drugs,
the evil have sought to control all man perceptions.
Ah! What money is theirs for their deception!

Lies, deception, perverted drugs,
all have become part of the lives of man in too many directions,
the brilliance dulled to a dimness….

But there’s a new dawn rising.
Outside my window, I find the sun shinning,
the birds singing

my heart beats strong against my body’s chest.
The lies, perverted drugs, deception,
I will have gone, the evil vanished, beyond detection.

There is hope for those that look and not listen.
The government will not help, but I will.
The health insurance, the doctor, the evil, will
but drug you to dim your perceptions.
No! Look and don’t buy deception.
Look for brilliance in yourself, it’s there!
Listen not to the media, the fear mongers!

There are men who work and toil for man’s redemption;
men that are leading to a new brilliant dawn for man,
and all that will follow with certainty and knowledge.
No belief, only true eternal relief.
For man is immortal, not the shell of a body he uses,
but the true spirit of man, the source of man’s brilliance.

Drugs. Do them not. Lies. Listen to them not.
You are not ill, only have been told and believing, made it so.
Be your own guide

you can go back up that path to unimagined heights again.
Lay a firm foundation for your own brilliance!

Today is a new day and dawn for man is rising.
Join me going up to the top with brilliance
this new day as dawn is rising for man!

Carl Watts


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