This poem was written for a friend to give to his wife.

Mother of my children and lover of my life,
More than a pretty face, more lovely
Than when you first met me.
I may not have known right away
But somewhere along the way
I brightened up, I figured it out
You’re the only one for me.

You, always working, contributing,
Working to save the human race
Guiding me and others along the way,
Giving of your time and help
Working both night and day.
Over a quarter of a century
Creating a life for our family day by day.
You’ve really done well!

You’ve built a cozy home,
Raised our family well,
Made me a happy man,
A man who is not alone;
Two children of our own,
Good friends of ours they are,
Gifts you gave the human race.
Gifts you gave to me. Thank you.

Diligently you have worked to be free;
Constantly you took actions to help man.
You’ve worked for you and worked for me;
So many others you helped along the way
The renewed life you've given the human race
Helping others to be free, and helping me.

And all this while baking cookies!
Books of all kinds, you love to read. A reader,
An awesome student and most definitely a leader
I’m glad you are a friend of mine.

A few more things to mention, cats and stuff
Well cats. That was a big one, maybe a bluff.
I didn’t know if you wanted a large ball of fluff
I guess over time, Jasmine came home, Freddie settled in.
The cats tolerate me, but you they take to with a grin.

We have a lot of possessions and stuff
Sometimes I think we have way more than enough
But such is life.  And life is easy
When you’re happy with your wife.
So I hope you are pleased maybe, even proud,
Of these few true words of praise
For the true happiness you created in my life.

I dedicate this poem to my wife.
Page created 1/21/09
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