NEVER SAY “I'M SORRY!”           

What does saying “I'm sorry” do?

Does it put money in the bank for you or shine up your car?

Can you recall a time when you said “I'm sorry”? How did you feel?

Can you recall a time when someone else said “You're sorry!” How did you

People Always do What is Right!

I wrote an entire article on this entitled “

It is true that often actions or decisions right one moment are seen as wrong
the next.

So if you do damage or harm, say “I apologize”. And perhaps, “How can I
make it up to you?”

By not saying “I'm sorry” you avoid the negative feelings that can come in on
you from the past.

Your mind has those emotionally painful moments stored away out of your

You saying “I'm sorry” can trigger that time period. So now you may have the
current situation as well as a past situation caving in on you!

Have You Ever Been Forced to Say “I'm Sorry” to

I've seen kids whose parents make them say “I'm sorry”. Unfortunately, if the
kid doesn't  agree, then the child is lying. Talk about a guilt trip. Now the kid
knows he did something wrong, he lied.

All that gets tied up with “I'm sorry”.

The only time a child should apoligize is when they truly see they need to
repair some action that created harm. Only on the child's determination
should that happen!

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Regret Puts You in The Past.

When you are sorry about something, meaning you regret it happened, to
some degree this stick you just before the incident happened.

You can pull in all the bad emotion, pain, unconsciousness, and illogical
thinking that happened in the past!

So it is best that you not victimise yourself with the blame, shame and regret

If you did something wrong, so what. Repair the situation and move on. Let it

What is in the past doesn't need to be pulled into the present unless you
plan on doing something to repair the past.

You can repair much of the past but probably not all. Actually, most of it
doesn't even need repairing. You just need to say, that's done.

Don't bury it in the past. Do try to forget it. Just acknowledge it and end off
on it!.

Be in present time!

Now that you're in present time, lets move up to the future! That's where our
attention should be!

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