The Myth of Shortages

What is a shortage? It is where there are not enough materials available to
meet demand. Would you agree with that definition?

I would like to add to that: Where there is an
apparent lack of materials to
meet demand.

Can there be shortages? Yes, I've seen people run out of gasoline and their
cars stopped. That was a shortage! I might add that it was a man made,  man
create shortage. The driver went by many opportunities to purchase gasoline.

I told my Aunt that it was just as cheap to fill up the top half of her gas tank as
the bottom and if she would do that, I would not have to rescue her! She did
learn her lesson!

My point here is, was there a shortage of gasoline?

NO! Only a mechanical problem of the human failing to feed the beast

Fuel Shortages

Much talk has been vented about limited resources. How man is running out
of fuel.

There is only enough petroleum to last man for so many years. There is data
that petroleum is continuing to be produced by the earth. It is not a limited
quantity. It is a
self generating commodity complements of the Planet Earth!

Of course the real problem with fuel is we are burning hydrocarbons. Why not
go to hydrogen, a virtually unlimited fuel that does not create pollution at all?
Sorry, no profit in that!

There have been “fuel” shortages. These always have resulted in prices
going up. Once we are paying enough, we can get all we want!

Sugar Shortage

There never was a sugar shortage! It was made scarce so they could raise
the prices.

Water Shortages

There never has been a water shortage. It is true that the distribution of water
has failed in areas!

But I must ask why?  

In Los Angeles, we've had water shortages. When this happened, we had
price increases. Once those were approved, the shortage vanished. That's a
complete mystery to me.

Of course this happens every few years, shortage, price increase, no
shortage. I seem to see a pattern here.

Is there a limit of good water? Yes! Why is this on a planet that is 75%, or
whatever percentage, covered with water?

Solution for "Water Shortage!"

In California, and many other areas, we have deserts!

What would happen if we built a pipeline inland and pumped in saltwater into
a desert? What would happen?

Part of the water would seep down into the aquifer and become fresh water.
The sand and rocks would filter out the salt!

Part of the water would evaporate and come down as rain, not salt water!

Why has no one done this? NO PROFIT!

In California, we have mountains. The initial cost of a pipe line would be a bit.
Once in place, you just start it flowing. The desert is almost or in some case
below sea level and the cost of going pumping would be almost nothing.

Billions of gallons of salt water turned into fresh water at almost no cost.
Sorry! No going to happen, no profit in ridding us of a shortage!

What other shortages?

Coffee, Tequila, Fresh Vegetables, Intelligent Humans :-)

All these shortages are strictly mechanical or man made. The shortage of
Intelligent Humans is definitely man made. The government, education,
international banksters DO NOT want intelligent people. They might ask
questions! They drug us to make us less intelligent, fluoride!

Shortages of Food

Earth is capable of supporting many times it's current population.

What is the highest yield crop? I really don't know but I've heard alfalfa. I could
be outdated. I've also heard that algae can produce 100 time the yield of other
crops on the same amount of land. California deserts could fed the earth's
population many times over!

So perhaps the short of food is simply that we are growing the wrong crops.

By the way, I'm certain any #GMO crop is the WRONG crop! Growing corn for
fuel is the wrong crop

Of course huge amounts of food would drive prices down, right?

GMOs will save the planet!

Genetically modified crops depend on there not being enough food. Also they
depend on people not knowing they are consuming GMO foods, TOXIC
products passed off as food!

They promise increased yield which is a lie of magnitude! What it yields is an
increased profit, increased use of pesticides and a lower yield. More people
are poisoned and made ill for profits!

And as a nice by product, we get super weeds that their poisons can't kill. We
get pollution of normal crops. We get toxic products that they refuse to label
so we know what we are purchasing.

Personally, I am buying as much organic as possible and encouraging
everyone to do the same.

But that is expensive! Right, but not as expensive as cancer and all the other
diseases we are being swamped by currently! Diseases that are all almost
totally preventable with good nutrition!

GMOs may kill the ecosystem on Earth. GMOs may pervert the human race's
genetic line. GMOs may end man's reign on Earth. (I don't believe the last
one, man is tough!)

Personally, my opinion, GMO's and Vaccinations are part of the plan to
reduce the population by making us ill, suffering and killing off our ability to
have children.

Editorial Purpose of GMO.

We have a “Shortage of Peace”

A shortage of peace is definitely a man made problem. Actually it is an
international banksters created problem!

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Shortage of Money! Cash! Currency! Etc!

This is societies favorite shortage! Everyone uses it!  Not enough money!

Now why is it that everyone is always worried about how much money they

That is pretty obvious. Without money or credit you can't have, you can't
purchase! Right?

Havingness is the ability to own. Let me pose a question for you, okay?

When you're at the ocean, do you see the ocean? Does that not give you a
sense of ownership? How about when you're in the mountains or the desert?
Who owns that space?

Space is key here. If you can view it, you can own it. Perhaps you don't
believe! Most excellent (I love that phrase).

Don't believe a thing I say! Go out and look! What do you see and feel?

When I look out, I own all I see. Do I have the title? No but who cares! I am
there and I am enjoying the waves, the air, the sand, the view! I don't enjoy
sand fleas :-)

When I own the ocean, mountains or desert, I haven't spent a single credit!

I'm hungry!

I can already hear people that are saying I need money to eat and pay the
bills! I'm broke and out of work! They are disparate!  

To them I ask, why are you not out earning an adequate income? No jobs,
you say!  Bull!

I say you're not willing to work for the pay available! Create an income! It's

There are reasons you're not working. Those reason's lie within you and you
can control them!

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Blaming the environment is an effect position. Wait on someone else, the
government to help you is effect! Stay there and you will die!

Take responsibility for your situation, do something about it! That is a cause

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Actual Currency Shortages

The physical currency is restricted to keep it valuable. The Federal Reserve
print out billions which they charge the government for and give to their
buddies, the international banksters. That is why you have a currency

It is my opinion that any shortage can be out created by you!

If you need ideas on this, let me know! I am happy to help!

I have no shortage in my universe. I have eternity pulse another eternity+ to
have anything I want. Anything!

Money is only an idea backed by confidence and the federal government. The
federal reserve money is worthless, worse than worthless and is backed
ONLY by the US government and the people of America!

And, it's almost comical, currency that the government got permission to print
up and then borrowed from the Federal Reserve Bank, a private corporation!

The solution to American Government debt is to start printing its own
OFFICIAL currency and pay all their debts off with it. Pay off the Federal
Reserve and any foreign debts, payroll, social security and so on. Soon after,
replace the fed notes with US Government Notes.

Shortage of Time

This is one of the favorite shortages, I don't have enough time! And why not?

Now anyone that feels this is the case it being a homo sap! Time is pretty
near infinite. How can there be a shortage?

The human body thinks that it has a limited span of time. I'm not sure that is
true but historically, it seems so. So the body can feel a “shortage of time left
before it kicks the bucket!”

You are not your body. You are immortal. You have nothing but time in
endless amounts. Sorry death doesn't stop time for you! You don't have to
agree or believe this. But if you look.... draw your own conclusion! It happens
to be true and provable!

Name a Shortage! This is a contest. You name, I'll
explain and credit you!

Should you be curious, I have listed various other point that you may find of
interest. They may or may not be directly related to this or other articles
beyond survival of humanity and the rights of men and women.

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