Music and Beauty

Music is beautiful, it moves one to tap a foot or jump up and down.

Motion, in an aesthetic way,
is motivated by the being running the body.

Crippled or maimed bodies are not motivated by the being
but by the bank of hidden memories running on automatic.

Automaticities* were created by beings and forgotten by the same.

Over time, more and more of creation goes on automatic.

Over time the being goes more and more effect
to what he created having forgotten who created what.

Having forgotten, who the author of the universe is,
the being goes more effect until

the being is a shadow of his former immense size.

Music reminds the being of freedom,
freedom to create and respond to his creations.

Music is beauty, creations are beauty unless created to be ugly.
Even then a well done ugliness can be beautiful.

The being always prevails.
The being always has his wishes come true.

Sometimes he as forgotten when he wished to die, to be sick,
to not have to go to school or to work.
But some time in the past he wished it and it is so.

Now he is sick and perhaps dying.

He’s forgotten it’s a game.
He’s forgotten he can’t do anything but survive.
He’s forgotten.

But music reminds him of creating, the warmth and joy.
Beings love to move and cause effects.
Beings love to be cause.

Really it is difficult to be effect.
It takes all ones efforts,
powerful efforts to convince one that he is effect.

Truly powerful is one who convinces himself that he,
who is all powerful, is now effect.
Quite remarkable it is!

Music reminds one of the motions, the aesthetics that he created,
that he creates continuously.
Beings never stop creating even when they are nailed down
by shadow traps so tight they can’t move or think,
or so they think!

Beauty pierces the universe.
It can go through anything.
Beauty and music together roll down the eons as art, as poetry.

When you have a beautiful girl making beautiful music,
you have aesthetics that even the gods will paid to enjoy.

I can think of a lady singer who falls into this category.
Incredible beauty, incredible music, incredible aesthetics.
Were I a functioning god,
I’d have her as the central feature in my realm
to provide eternal entertainment for one an
d all.

Ah but for the powers of old or the powers of the future.
Soon I’ll return to game as the Maker of Gods.
Granting powers of being, music and beauty to all.

Enjoy the games
gather my attention so you don’t get left behind!

The Poet

Automaticities=things left on automatic, habits, circuits, a song going round and round,
playing in someone’s mind

©2009 Carl Watts
Page created 2/6/09
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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