On a sunny day, I was floating free
The light breeze move the leaves of a tree
In the distance, I viewed immense mountains
At the base, birds around a small fountain

Sun shinning brightly
I thought how delightfully
A spring day on Earth
A short calm before birth
Wonderful life on Earth.

I drifted around
A girl on the ground
Hair gently blowing around
A lovely girl taking in sun
I bet she’s special to someone

A beautiful day
Earth’s a nice place to play
Such a lazy day
Work, no way!
Lots of time to play.

I’m immortal. I am free.
Come join me.
Lets all be free
You are immortal too! You just forgot
Over the eons, almost everyone forgot

Time to remember; time to go free
Step out of your body; join me.
I’ll help you
You can be you

Look over there, a seagull I see
Closer I go, it’s over the sea
A great place to be
I think I’ll play
What a wonderful day

©2009 Carl Watts
Page created 1/15/09, modified 1/18/09
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